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    Paruchuri reacted to eNterTaineR in CBN Arrest   
    After this nonsense, decided to travel to india and vote  if possible work kooda cheddham anukuntunna couple of weeks for party  
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    Paruchuri reacted to OneAndOnlyMKC in RRR -International Tweets   
    100 pages of international applause and that too only from twitter ... Superb job bro for bringing all into this thread @Yaswanth526  so many goosebumps posts while going through all the pages ... 
    Elaagu account vundi annadu kabatti tarak ki ee thread link reach ayye laaga chesthe better anipistundi so he will know 😎  
    @Yaswanth526 bro ki andaru oka pedda ooooh eskondi 👌👏
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    Paruchuri reacted to nivas_hyd in Mahaprasthanam Vehicles | Free Services to Carry   
    Sometimes these things matters a lot.. I have seen cases where people struggling to find a vehicle to carry dead Modies.. Last minute lo chalaa pathetic anipisthaay alaanti situations..
    I personally liked this move..
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    Paruchuri got a reaction from venkat24@NTR in pattiseema   
    Pattiseema ane project idea vachinappati nunchi...adhi reality ayye daaka kastapadina prathi okkariki
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    Paruchuri reacted to Godavari in Calling BT ANNAY reg NTR 2009 CAMPAIGN SEATS   
    BT ANNAY emanadu adu ipudu. ikada Tdp gelavaledu antunada
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