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  1. We have Jaggad volunteer jobs in AP. Why do we need fortune companies
  2. Petrol rate is going to go sky high in the second half of 2021. In India, target will be at least 150 Rs.
  3. Also, raithu runa maafi was a disaster. It was not handled well.
  4. CBN army also did lot of damage. Most of them were IT folks away from ground reality. TDP literally sacrificed Telugu Yuvata in favor of CBN Army. CBN Army was doing echo chamber publicity in YouTube and discarded reaching out to people at ground level. PK's team while covering the entire social media, reached out to everyone at the ground level.
  5. Too late to do anything now. Unless Lokesh takes this seriously and ups him game in social media. There's no chance. People anyways will not change.
  6. This was brought to Lokesh's notice in early 2017 when TDP supportive journalists observed fake propaganda against him picking up. Lokesh being himself could not anticipate the upcoming malice campaign and danger. It was a proven technique that was used against Rahul in 2014 elections. Rahul is still dealing with the Pappu tag. TDP and Lokesh were not even able to predict they are being targeted the same way Rahul G was targeted. Pity on them
  7. With this single term, he did damage worth 30 years in future. No matter which gov. comes to power next, there's nothing that can be done here
  8. Ee tweets chuste, Peddi Reddy, Botsa and Sajjala dream machine ekkestaru
  9. Ee munja ki saavu eppudu vastado
  10. M himself is a stain. Why would he worry about this
  11. BJP ollaki jaggad ki opposite velle option okati undani asala telsa?
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