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  1. Avanni paata rajanaala kalam naati tricks, a rojullo nadichindi. Inka akkade vundi poyadu. Ippudu a chankyam pani cheyyadu le...he can’t handle KCR and Jagan
  2. Repu malli ma varla ramaiah vacchi pressmeet petti Jr maaku avasaram leedu ani cheptadu sari podde 😆
  3. Jr Fans, who believe junior just keep quite for now. Junior will enter into politics definitely and he will be successful 100% no doubt in it. He is not like Chiru and PK. But this is not right time. Let him concentrate on movies. He has to groom a lot. Just Campaign for CBN and Lokesh will not help. Everyone knows about our use and throw policy. That will not change forever. Bala has no choice other than supporting lokesh. Everyone knows the reason. don't compare mega family heroes with N & N family. Valla relationship veru ikkada relationship veru.
  4. Meeru ide flow lo velli pondi, ekkada taggodu...a vidham ga munduku...
  5. Very sad to loose Vijayawada Corporation
  6. Chiranjeevi Chowdary- peru bagundi ?
  7. following DB from long time but no posts no ID - Just created my profile