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  1. Finally good job ... 5min time vunte entertainment korutunna janam erojullo ... so ila prati meeting lo compulsory cheyyali they get relaxed and our message will also be delivered... Farmers and elders vunnapudu telugu memes .... Students ki Ilanti memes play cheyyali in every meeting 🤝
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  4. karthik_n

    DEVARA Updates

    penile brother aa
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  5. Mobile GOM

    Chinna mukkodu

    Nee Parri lera vp gaa. Avasaramu ithe ila leka pothe tidatamu
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  6. narens

    Master class memories

    Good one..TFS
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  7. LGBTQ kinda things arise in childhood itself. People recognize this in pre-teen age phase. It’s not a choice people make after they become adults. bringing awareness in schools will make sure there are no bullying and harassment for those kids. malli PhD Lu chestaru…… endho kharma
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