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  1. krishna_a

    Multiplex food

    We are already Trapped into this. Guess we cannot avoid multiplex, pizzas, fashion, crores to buy concrete, lakhs to buy own car... Manam epdaina ankunnamaa.. Cinema Rs. 300 Avtundi ani.. Inka penchina veltamu manamandaramu...
  2. krishna_a

    Multiplex food

    Ticket prices will be increased to compensate loss in junk food sales. Close.
  3. krishna_a

    BJP white flag anta kada

    North side Modi is still winning. They compare with the likes of Mayawati , akhilesh Yadav, maata benarjee, lalu Yadav, gandhi, kejri and say Modi is best. Unless people see Modi in - ve way in the coming months , for me he is winning next time also. They don't see CBN as an opponent to Modi as he is from south and cannot drive nationwide sentiment. So in this comparison matrix, I guess Modi is still winning at the center. Have to wait for the ONE who can drive against Modi and influence national voters.
  4. Heard from a party source that BJP is waving white flag to CBN. Ee local leaders comments chustunte ala anipinchatam ledu...Entha varaku nijam ? aa BJP mallee manakoddura ayya. Special status icchina BJP tho velle party ni chepputho kodtaaru janam.
  5. krishna_a

    Pk nijajeevitam lo natistunnadu sir

    Cinema lo acting..... Ippudu real ga chestunnadu.... Vaadi meaning correct ye, presentation baaledu... What he meant is the other way... Ee comedy batch antha vaadiki baane tagulkunnaru
  6. krishna_a

    Agricultural Drones

    Like any other animal on earth, we have to struggle for existence....losing job will force us to find new sources for life & gradually that new source also will become obsolete pushing humans to further explorations...1-2 generations will struggle at any point in this entire continuous process...
  7. krishna_a


    Idem logic?? IITs ki leni naming deeniki enduku?
  8. krishna_a

    Chilakaluripet bypass

    Isnt this under NH ?? Why state govt is investing money here ?
  9. Govt petthanam lekunda ela possible.....If anything everything that happens are regulated by Govts, why not temples , churches and mosques..... TTD has its own board and ofcourse under Govt regulations.....whats wrong with that ?
  10. krishna_a

    AndhraPradesh Tourism

    Government entha chesina akkada unna emps worst ga unnaru.. Went to araku and stayed at harita.... the guy sitting there proposed another hotel at lower price - he gets commission. I insisted the same place and he gave us a suite room - horrible experience with bed bugs...