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  1. Desamante Matti kaadoye, desamante maanushuloye ani pakodi saaab cheppadu ... eediki ekkaleda manushula daggara money dobbesi, ye desaaniki istaavu ra D.K Bose
  2. Vaammo... ee lekkalu mamuluga levuga Chennai Bangalore Kante ... hyd Vizag dooram ekkuva .... line peddadi, distance takkuva :😂
  3. Election ki money anedi 1999 lo started karma is a bitch monna elections lo we were all locked up ... antha tight situation lo kuda we got close to 40%... IMO it was not at all a bad performance considering our opposition’s strengths ... BJP TRS and YRUS worked together...
  4. Cong meeda edchinappudu ee lekkalu anni ekkadiki vellayi? They must be true then also. Modi speech sir ... speech anthe manam andaram edchamu cong meeda ... under the influence of Modi and BJP IT cell 😂
  5. Modi - increase in prices is due to previous governments policies Modi - Corona vaccination capability and export is also...... No No No... it is me
  6. NTV lo Kuppam poyindi ani vestunnaru...nijamena ?
  7. How do you make India rich country? Make “living” unaffordable such that poor people “naturally “ die and TaDa... India 🇮🇳 is rich
  8. Bro, can someone pls confirm the authenticity of the content in the image ? These days content in WhatsApp cannot be trusted at all... do we have any genuine source? nijamga antha powerful case aythe... why cbn didn’t proceed on this personally when TTD withdrew the case...
  9. Sontha Ooru annaru kaani.... constituency analedu kada evaru ? yrus pyans social media lo comments ...
  10. Ee candidate ni... BJP AP president cheyyalani puvvu party ni demand chestunnam... Akhila Bharata flower Pyans better than Somu mama... who couldn’t win as ward member also.
  11. Eedu 2014 lo... TDP win ayna tarvata kuda YSRCP leading veskunnadu ....and suddenly one slide show .. finally revealed the truth 😂 appatlo manaJagan ani oka site undedi....aa site lo celebration 🎉 kuda started ... finally big shock icchadu... I still remember how those guys reacted after the final shock
  12. Memu lakshallo udyogaalu is icchamu 😂
  13. Ilaage okadu sirassu vanchi namaskaram pettaadu... ento mana kharma
  14. Check google “brave young narendra “ 😂