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  1. The value you deliver is what you get As simple as this guys. Why did we start this comparison game no point
  2. Ok Lets stop the debate as looks like you have more insights into Govt job and no insights into IT sector and vice versa with me. So i know the nitty grity and can surely say you are grossly underestimating IT and making it look so easy...and may be me too about Govt job. But i saw a comment you are brining in age, I agree. Not sure if its from you or someone, emphasizing on "making more and quick money" made me to reply and initiate the thread. If money is so easy in IT market and a fake guy with 2-3 months crash course, can get into IT market and make 2-3 times more money than an intelligent govt employee ...I don't think a talented govt employee will not care much about jumping to the private industry... There must be something more important than salary in a govt job... Security/Stability/Work in repeat mode without need of skill upgrade/ Even there is upgrade, you get ample time to learn but still can be slow/perks & benefits ( all means ) ??? So can we say this... Govt Job Barrier to entry is not so easy ( not all levels though ) and once you get in its a safe, secure, constant and predictable lifestyle, lot of personal time and alternate sources of income, deal with bureaucracy, caste & social groups, cannot be controversial, very high pressure (politics) from all sides to block someone but somehow move forward Private job Barrier to entry is easy ( not all levels though) but once you get in, it is unsafe, unsecure , extremely dynamic and screwed up life style , no personal time and nil sources of income, not much bureaucracy, almost nil caste & social groups, can make controversial and still get along, very tight OKR/KRA metrics to proactively unblock others and move forward fast
  3. I thought the discussion was about accountability the job demands ... not the accountability or capability a person has...fake people are there everywhere ... govt job genuine ga enta mandiki vastundi , without offering bribe?? Ye Adi fake kaada ? I don’t have any negative opinions on any job or field ... For me any job which has accountability is good.. salary is just a byproduct of the value a person or a job generates ...anyways it’s not the point of discussion...salary kosame aythe ...as per you , every government employee should join IT and dominate:) if people with fake degree can do it, definitely govt employees also can do...None is stopping them and there is no need of bribe or certificates...need is the skill to do the job
  4. Regarding salary ...please consider the average lifespan of IT employees 15+ yrs experience undi...up to date with latest trends lekapothe... it is everyday hell and even with good skill set , there is no guarantee or job security khel Khatam ... so it’s like a cow getting milked with steroid shots and finally getting killed everyday a new technology or new language is on and if a 4+ yr exp is more up to date than 15yr old guy , you know what ? That 15+ guy is ousted ruthlessly...how many instances of this happen in tech world ? I tell you ... almost the same story for all veterans
  5. I was not referring to any sector. I simply said work ethics and accountability. majority of employees lo aa accountability unte , any org will be successful...anedi common opinion ...if govt can get that too , well and good...why not? welcome responsibility and accountability... IT lo kuda piggyback follow ayye vaallu chaala mandi unnaru..but they get washed away over time ... always on the edge Talent gurinchi nenu ekkada mention cheyyaledu... job fear, accountability and responsibility...private sector lo ekkuva
  6. I know many Technology companies / Startups paying 1-2 Crore for 12-15 yrs experienced techies. Also I know many companies paying 20L for 15+ yrs guys. Both are "Committed to a cause and truly work for that". These techies love solving problems and love being answerable & accountable , they are on pager duty 24x7 and sacrifice lots of precious personal time. I am in technology field solving problems for many years and I personally know what work life balance we do have, especially in India So it is what you enjoy doing and the company chooses you by the value you generate. There is 100% accountability, fear and respect Can we see this truly for 100% of Govt employees ? Work hard, increase revenue and eventually increase your salary also by making your org profitable Of course over time, in private sector too, there will be more and more people who just piggyback on the foundation team's efforts. Companies will go to a collapsing path if more people follow piggyback style of working
  7. District electoral officer meedaki nettesaaru finally... tokkalo system Ee local officer ki HOME minister meeda action teesukune sariki time aypotundi 😂
  8. Nijamga caring ga undi attitude ...white cloth bayataki vellagaane....manodi body language ... ayyo..ayyo... naa designer wear...
  9. Finally atlast latest background music vaadaaru Last time YSRCP BGM ...manaki nacchakapoyina...it was good for new gen masses...
  10. Like any other animal on earth, we have to struggle for existence....losing job will force us to find new sources for life & gradually that new source also will become obsolete pushing humans to further explorations...1-2 generations will struggle at any point in this entire continuous process...
  11. Isnt this under NH ?? Why state govt is investing money here ?
  12. Govt petthanam lekunda ela possible.....If anything everything that happens are regulated by Govts, why not temples , churches and mosques..... TTD has its own board and ofcourse under Govt regulations.....whats wrong with that ?