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  1. Opposition ki burada jallatam ye pani brother... Govt manadi aynappudu, you will not get much time on this..vere Chaala admin works untayyi...ippudu left right center aadukovatame.. Now he has lot of time to really focus and criticize.. May be he didn't change, but our perception changed as the roles he play are different
  2. Emotions ki +ve -ve pattadu.....If the emotion is "Caste" , none can beat it
  3. I heard the overall theme is "Anti Caste" ....For all the unnecessary dominance and attitude some people have shown around the capital region...Vellaki nijamga emaina vacchindo teliyadu kaani, for the first time "Saw tears in leader's eyes".... It is that Caste that killed the prospects of TDP this time.....Social Engineering around this theme was successfully carried by RSS and YSRCP ani talk...If you have someone in RSS circles, please get it clarified...I am from the same caste...this is not a caste remark If against DB rules, you may delete !!
  4. Ee alochana undi unte.. House endku kattukuntaadu jagan... Baseless gossip
  5. Joke Aa?? It's not that easy bro.. Employees reverse avtaaru... Oka sari shift ke kashtapaddaru.... Ippudu back to hyd and back to donakonda...
  6. I think most important... CBN ni edaina anaali ante... Mundu officers ki, media ki, public ki bhayam undaali.... Evadaina edaina cheyocchu but CBN em cheyyadu... Meeru paina cheppina Prathi daaniki virugudu idhe... Bhayam unte Aa pani chestaara ani question cheskunte.. Daadapu annitiki No vastundi... Everyone took him for granted
  7. Guys, I am a big fan of CBN. But, I feel it's time to handover to someone else. CBN recover avvataaniki aayana age saripotunda? Or his working style ee generation ki nacchutunda? Evariki icchina, inkokaru edustaaru... Em cheyyali TDP ni save cheyyataaniki...
  8. Like any other animal on earth, we have to struggle for existence....losing job will force us to find new sources for life & gradually that new source also will become obsolete pushing humans to further explorations...1-2 generations will struggle at any point in this entire continuous process...
  9. Isnt this under NH ?? Why state govt is investing money here ?
  10. Govt petthanam lekunda ela possible.....If anything everything that happens are regulated by Govts, why not temples , churches and mosques..... TTD has its own board and ofcourse under Govt regulations.....whats wrong with that ?