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  1. krishna_a

    Dattatreya son died of heart attack

    Fitness and healthy life style is very important RIP Boy...May god give strength to Dattatreya Garu
  2. krishna_a

    Telugodi debba

    Its not Loki....I guess its CBN's language skills that is stopping him to be a national leader...Communication and Languages kooda undi unte...CBN eppudo PM material.
  3. krishna_a

    Cbn survey on mlas

    Yeluri ki ee sari ticket Raadu antunnaru.. I also felt he is always with people, but party office lo mathram reports veru.. Same with Ongole DJ... He made town lot better, cleanliness etc etc.. But party office says something else.. Political ga very weak, failed to resolve local political issues + heavy commission in every contract are the major complaints Not sure how to understand these reports..
  4. krishna_a

    GST touches 1 lakh crore this month

    This modi has 2 obsessions... Tax and more tax collections - designer wear and more designer wear
  5. krishna_a

    Most Confused PrimeMinister Ever

    Is this real or fake?
  6. vaammoooooooo endku sir ilantivi ikkada post chesi mammalni bhayapedtaaru
  7. Yeah right....Just in case if its a misunderstanding and both parties can make one step down to resolve issues... Solution is better than WAR....Ofcourse Iknow he will not do........MODI IS EGOIST
  8. I believe this fellow burnt the bridge between CBN and MODI .... If both parties realize this and want to clear the misconceptions, put aside the egos and work together again - good for everyone. We don't want to see this war going on , indirectly affects the growth of our state - someone should take lead to mediate between CBN and MODI.
  9. "naakemaina aythe prajalantha valayamla yerpadi nannu kaapadaali" - CBN statement
  10. krishna_a

    truth what tv9 telecasted

    orridemmooo eshaaalo.......sontha mother ni tittina video ni morph chesi public cheskunnadaa .........Yaaaaaaak Thupuk....
  11. krishna_a

    PK direct attack on CBN and Lokesh

    Intelligence should be on full swing now... Ippudu react avvatam unnecessary... Let them do what they want and tarvata proofs tho road meeda nunchobettali... I hope CBN is watching all this and waiting to move the pawn at the right time... Eppudu kodithe debba Ela tagultundo CBN ki teslinantha evariki teliyakapovacchu
  12. krishna_a

    Balayya again grand father

    Name of the newborn? Peru telusa evariki ayna
  13. krishna_a

    Governor Nirasimhan..Thank You.

    if this is news is true , Cheppudu maatalu vini oka manchi trusted party and able leader ni anumaninche vyakthi Modi.....Modi is a politician...He can never be a statesman like Vajpayee or CBN.
  14. krishna_a

    Great HRD minister of Modi cabinet

    Kutumbam kosam jeevitham tyaagam chesaadu ante.......chacchipoyaadu ani kaadu kada ? "andaru uri kambham ekaaru, laathi debbalu tinnaru, bullets ki eduru vellaru" ani general sense lo cheppinattu unnadu..... I am not good at Hindi but i think he meant "sacrifice" here.........