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  1. krishna_a

    1000 members sample

    Looks positive overall. Today I overheard this conversation in a bank... Babu Anni baane chesaadu.. Baane icchadu... Kaani okka saare jagan ki opposite avvalemuga.. Ee sariki YCP ke vestaamu Irrespective of whether they vote or not, the conversation coming from hardcore YCP fans itself is a +ve
  2. krishna_a

    FDI new regulations... Ambani?

    It's not that simple...company A cannot own more than 25% sales on market place platform and the same company A cannot contribute more than 25% of its revenue to one marketplace platform. Means all such dummy entities created by flipkart and Amazon must not only sell on their own platforms but participate in other platforms also. Eg WS retail, a flipkart Ecommerce wing, cannot sell more than 25% items on flipkart platform and also as retail should not sell 100% on flipkart platform. This clearly gives an edge to reliance as its 100% Indian investment and the above rule is only for FDI
  3. Modi govt all ecomm players ki baaga dimpindi.. With new FDI regulations... If Ambani coming into Ecommerce is the reason, thupuk Modi. Rest all players are Indian founders with foreign investors,.. But reliance is indian investment, so these new rules are not applicable for Reliance. Lot of restructuring needed for this new rules.
  4. krishna_a

    Petetion filed by kavitha to stop polavaram

    CBN KCR oka Pakka plan understanding lo veltunattunnaru Return gift nijamga icchettunnaruga
  5. krishna_a

    PK 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Not to support PK here... But this could be stress and lack of sleep.
  6. krishna_a

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    Yes am also saying the same thing.. If not handled properly, this is very common. Irctc, clear trip, redbus ivanni properly implemented... But our govt website ki antha in depth thinking undadu.. Now they get this bug, hope they rectify this.
  7. krishna_a

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    People without tech background genuinely can assume fishy.. But race conditions and allowing more than one user for Booking is a very common side effect of any software if not handled properly.. I am sure these govt websites does not undergo rigorous testing before launching. I see many changes being done in Happynest.live just before the day of launch. I also lost one booking but it is 100% possible software bug
  8. krishna_a

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    Due to race conditions not handled properly in system ( People from Programming background will understand ) , though the concept of BLOCKED is implemented , they failed to ensure only one person has BLOCKED and redirected to Payment Gateway. So this is 100% technical glitch, I also received one mail against one of the two booked. And its clearly written in T&C that ," after reconciliation with payment gateway, if there are multiple payments, whoever is first in the payment list will be allotted the flat" I dont think there is no backdoor management happening here.
  9. krishna_a

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    Guys forget about value increase over time... Just see the masterplan and if it becomes reality, you will be lucky enough to live in Amaravati... City without headaches... There are very few planned cities like Amaravati. The joy of living there is unmatched. Rise in prices is just a side effect and am sure it will happen.
  10. krishna_a

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    I saw the masterplan bro...really fantastic vision.. If everything goes well, most of the celebs and HNIs will settle down in Amaravati. And indirectly know some contractors working for sakamuru central Park.. All of them involved are convinced and CRDA / CBN will manage it to reality if we win in 2019...ofcourse it's a betting...again compare hsr layout bangalore from 2008 to date.. You see wonders here
  11. krishna_a

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    Just to tell how I did manage bookings.... Tried for more than 1000 times.. figured out that requests were not working from India (or my ip, not sure if they enabled throttling), opened tor browser and tried with it. For almost 1 hour, where website was down apparently, was working from torbrowser, could not get through though. And also for one booking luckily pressing ESC immediately after the Popup "flat not available" didn't navigate where in general the page refreshes. This worked for me as page refresh was not needed, press ESC and click proceed to payment button... So obviously when it comes back to pool, I was able to block it. But for second booking, this didn't work. Keep trying multiple things and don't lose hope for Atleast 5-6 hours
  12. krishna_a

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    Yeah cannot avoid these now. But am going with bangalore rates in mind... Some of the prime areas lo sq ft 20k untundi... When compared with such prime areas, guess Amaravati is going to be lot better. If not 20k per sqft, am expecting 12-15k very quickly after 2019
  13. krishna_a

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    Bangalore sadasiva Nagar Kante Amaravati Nelapadu better anettu cheyyali CBN Ee property sqft price Rs. 15k daaka vellali once everything is built as per plan City master plan chusthe dimma tirigi mind block aypovaali... Anni as per plan avvali oo God How many years? 10 years?
  14. krishna_a

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    at present, site is down ..not working for the last 45 mins or so...just before proceed to payment, availability check fail avtundi....hope they rectify this. Next CM CBN aythe....this property value will sky-rocket...Such a prime location this is in
  15. krishna_a

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    Booked 2 flats..site is working, but need to be patient