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  1. IT companies ki evacuation notices iccharu kada...ippudu em chestaaru aa towers ni ??
  2. Veedu asalu manishena ?? Ee news nijam aythe
  3. Campaigning for local body elections.....CBN level leader local body elections ki campaigning ??? 🥵🥵🥵
  4. https://www.facebook.com/100000543927337/posts/3072560972772003/
  5. IMO this is very difficult to happen unless Modi gives background support to Jaffa. There is too much stake involved - pride, people, investment, trust and most importantly what happens to Amaravati bonds listed in BSE ? Let's wait for some more days / months - something disastrous is going to happen in Vizag or Amaravati. Jagan with strong base in seems will not go so aggressively for Vizag. There is a very calculated game in their minds they are going to play.
  6. Jagga will not take any decision unless it is confirmed by Prashant Kishor. His research team does necessary due deligence before proceeding to take a final decision. Unless PK is completely wrong, YSRCP knew this decision will not have any impact on them. We dont know whats their data says....but they are careful and logical in whatever they want to do.
  7. Like any other animal on earth, we have to struggle for existence....losing job will force us to find new sources for life & gradually that new source also will become obsolete pushing humans to further explorations...1-2 generations will struggle at any point in this entire continuous process...
  8. Isnt this under NH ?? Why state govt is investing money here ?
  9. Govt petthanam lekunda ela possible.....If anything everything that happens are regulated by Govts, why not temples , churches and mosques..... TTD has its own board and ofcourse under Govt regulations.....whats wrong with that ?