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  1. BJP tho soft stance teeskunte edaina possible...TDP can bounce back.. Without BJP backing, konchem difficult as CBN like veteran cannot do cut-throat politics. Communist party laaga run chesthe kashtame. "Sujana tried his best to convince TDP not to break the alliance - All TDP leaders tagged him as covert to BJP - Infact there was a strong gossip that he would move to BJP. Visa Reddy and PK played the game very well - One pic with PM - Make it viral on Social Media - Create a perception and widened the gap between CBN & Modi - After the initial crack, ego of these two leaders maintained and widened the gap automatically. Ee game mottham lo...Sujana was the only one who pleaded CBN not to break the alliance....And we all tagged him as backstabber etc etc..." Latest views from internal TDP circles Now it is Sujana only who can make this happen again...Lets wait and see.
  2. Like any other animal on earth, we have to struggle for existence....losing job will force us to find new sources for life & gradually that new source also will become obsolete pushing humans to further explorations...1-2 generations will struggle at any point in this entire continuous process...
  3. Isnt this under NH ?? Why state govt is investing money here ?
  4. Govt petthanam lekunda ela possible.....If anything everything that happens are regulated by Govts, why not temples , churches and mosques..... TTD has its own board and ofcourse under Govt regulations.....whats wrong with that ?