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TDP time lo asalu em levu. Andaru mookummadi ga vesaru YcP ki. Asalu thookipadestunaru murders, rapes etc. And they are protecting the accused.

Hope Dalits realise  and come out of religious bias.

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1 hour ago, Sunny@CBN said:

Driver subrahmanyam issue lo TDP should fight till he gets justice. CBN and Lokesh should meet the victim's family. East Godavari lo YCP base kadulatadi ee issue tho.

I think, Lokesh vellaru kada ninna?

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21 hours ago, ravindras said:

Mlc girl friend ni driver harass chesaadanta. Anduke driver ni lepesaadu.  Driver family ki 40 lakh, party lo plum post offer chesaaru. 

MLC Girl friend ni harass Cheyadam kadhu reverse lo jarigindhi anta.. 

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