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8 hours ago, Bezawada NFan said:

Vaarni 2014 to 2019 & ippatiki ycp batch cbn ni vyakthigathanga thiduthunaru kada mari dhaniki emantunadu eeyana !!

He wants to full fill his job ..to get more pedigree..

He is worest..

Tokappalli,kommineni,magi gadu,sai gadu,Sathish..veellu..oka separate jathi..cbn valla ki .direct ga in-drect ga bad chesi vundadu..still vallu cbn antey ..chalu onti kalu pi vastaru.. scenes baga rakthi kattistaru..

Cbn karma anukunta ..ilanti enemies chala.mandi vunnaru..


One my frd (telugu-tadepalligudem).born in brought up in Chennai..not aware of much AP political history.they migrated hyd in 2001 and only one thing they know ..hating cbn for nothing reason..I tried to figured out reason.. simply.someone injected hatred ..


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