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  1. Please please please mask up.. especially N95 / KN95 OR surgical mask..not cloth mask
  2. States ne procrure cheskomante kinda meeda padi valle cheskune vallu..
  3. The bench said, "except for a bare assertion that an increase of 210 MT to NCTD would result in a corresponding reduction to other states, no material has been produced on the record by the Union of India." Lies Lies and More lies..aa SG Vadi sollu cheppadam tappa Material ivvaledu court Lo..ADI teskochi fake news spreading meeru..please maintain some decorum in the discussion..we are not here to post WhatsApp forwards
  4. World lo highest cases unna US vaccination vishayam lo succeeded ..manchi unna chota teskovali kani chillara posts tho kalakshepam cheyyakudadu
  5. vella ego ye level ante, nenu Pinarayi Vijayan baga handle chestunnadu ante kinda meeda padipotaru DB Bhakts.. The mandate he got in a state where change of govt is inevitable shows how well he performed. (I personally wanted congress to win) Same munjamopi posts gonna come up now
  6. Cheyyali GA Mari ..em peekutunnadu PM CAREY funds tho..cover drives aapi reverse sweeps start cheyandi
  7. Companies export Cheste government ki profits undava ? And COVAXIN is built with support of ICMR . So government ammukunnattu avvada ? Vaccine news ekkadaina chudu UK exported India exported vaccine ane untundi.. Ivekkadi cover drives mama
  8. https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-india-vaccine-int-idUSKBN2A90ZB COVAXIN crores of doses exported ..most of the agreements are dynamic because countries need to evaluate their effectiveness. Prior agreements anedi pachi boothu
  9. Govt not supporting Businesses aa 😂😂 Vaccine business aa Hipudu ela ban chesaru Guruji ? Govt ki cheppakunda agreement Lu chesekuntara especially COVAXIN ki ?
  10. Lies ki Kuda Oka limit undali.. India allowed commercial export of both our vaccines https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/economy/exclusive-government-wont-ban-commercial-export-of-covid-19-vaccine-6757141.html
  11. Ek number zooth hei .. if that's the case how come India banned it's exports now ? Even if Serum institute made an agreement Indian government could have stopped exports https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-how-does-indias-pause-on-vaccine-export-hurt-other-nations-12290300
  12. Sollu cheppamante mee Bhakts tarvate evaraina .. COVAXIN Kuda export chesindi India Brazil lanti countries ki https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-india-vaccine-int-idUSKBN2A90ZB
  13. 65 Million sent out so far..andulo majority proportion sold 🙏🙏 Almost 2 core people lost the chance to get vaccinated (2 doses)
  14. https://www.livemint.com/news/india/india-shifts-from-mass-vaccine-exporter-to-importer-worrying-the-world-11618545968367.html
  15. Didi-o-didi ani low level BJP leader ante chala cheap ga chustaru.. ade Modi ante kontamandi eelalu vestaru..Admin posts alane unnai ee madhya... ayana stature valla janalu respond avtunnaru
  16. https://www.livemint.com/news/india/india-to-get-assistance-from-over-40-nations-to-fight-second-covid-19-wave-11619704474199.html Konchem Western countries meda munja edupulu aapandi ippudaina .. Vallu edo India sarva nasanam aipovali ani korukuntaru ani vp vagullu vagutu untaru