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  1. Prananiki teginchi poradadu Anna feeling ravataniki..
  2. meru personal ga veltaru ani kadu, but only negative posts about party vestaru ani oka brand padipoindi
  3. Dabba kottakkarle..but too much negative velte janalaki vina buddi avvadu...pick your topics carefully and mention most importent problems
  4. Cheppe vidhamga cheppali..nirantaram crying Anna feeling vaste Maata vinaru
  5. This should be done by courts ..not political parties. Political parties want to win and to win ..atleast in AP .. massive welfare schemes needed
  6. Idi as an external entity cheppataniki bavuntundi..but as a party if you say it out loud and believe it ..then it's suicidal
  7. Exact same thing I am talking about..we are far from reality and even if what you said is true..we cannot say it loud as a political party
  8. 1. Jananni tittadam..Vallani avvalsinde ..ilanti maatalu backfire avtai. Final ga vallu estene gelichedi 2. Employees ni tittadam.. biometric ani Babu annadu..Ollu balisi odincharu ..ilantivi manukovali Manam. It's time to accept reality.. Manam Edo Old Okkadu type lo employees ni teesesta podichesta..work aite okay but 2 times back fire Ayyaka Aina reality accept chesi ..vachinde katnam ani vellali 3. Utta punyanike odipoyam..emi tappulu cheyaledu ani ..Anta kanna aatma droham undadu..every government does mistakes ..mana kharmaki vallu highlight ( Lenivi Kuda srushtinchi) chesaru.. And most of all .. development model is not working in AP..ee Maata ante Malla janalani tidataru manollu.. which is suicidal 4. Alloborating the 3rd point .. janalu langalu luchalu mem patheets Anna attitude.. This is very bad : Desam ante Matti kadoyi desam ante manushuloyi.. Evari votes aite kavalo Vallani titukuni em prayojanam ledu.. Massive unemployment post Demo is forcing people to depend on government support ..which is another topic anyway.. Please keep quiet atleast if you can't resist..Noru vippi penta penta cheyoddu
  9. Please please please mask up.. especially N95 / KN95 OR surgical mask..not cloth mask
  10. States ne procrure cheskomante kinda meeda padi valle cheskune vallu..
  11. The bench said, "except for a bare assertion that an increase of 210 MT to NCTD would result in a corresponding reduction to other states, no material has been produced on the record by the Union of India." Lies Lies and More lies..aa SG Vadi sollu cheppadam tappa Material ivvaledu court Lo..ADI teskochi fake news spreading meeru..please maintain some decorum in the discussion..we are not here to post WhatsApp forwards
  12. World lo highest cases unna US vaccination vishayam lo succeeded ..manchi unna chota teskovali kani chillara posts tho kalakshepam cheyyakudadu