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RRR Case Hearing in SC

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politically from jagan point of view he is correct 

from day one he concentrated on this

other wise every one will raise voice against govt in  these youtube

like in CBN period from posani ,mohan babu , srireddy ,kathi mahesh,bunnyvas,raman diskhithu

mudragadda ,lakshmi parvathi  ,rgv  and prasanth kishore team etc list goes on every day torture to tdp entire five years from 2014-2019







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12 hours ago, Nfdbno1 said:


RRR ni 3 days jail lo pettadu,

5 guru musugu gallatho kotinchadu,

phone lakkunnadu, 

video chuskuni roju aananda padathadu,

rachabanda nundi konnallu duram chesadu,

vadu jail ki velle mundu edokati chesanu ane santrupthi pondadu..

he has a victory for now

True he succeeded to some extent, RRR racha Banda program aapunchadam kuda oka success 

Considering KCR trying to Bring down Teenmaar mallanna he did not succeed but MP ni Station lo kottinchi Ego satisfy cheskunnadu and videos kuda aapinchadu for now, eventually RRR should fight back vigorously on Jagan 

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3 hours ago, Raaz@NBK said:



good one

"No advocate has any right to talk in an intimidating manner. Advocate should not employ such tactics to wrench an order in favour and should never identify himself with the client. The arguments advanced by the Additional Advocate General are prima facie appears to be contemptuous in nature and this is a fit case for initiating contempt proceedings and referring him to the Bar Council for taking appropriate action. But this court showing its magnanimity is not proposing to take any action as of now. However, if this behaviour is repeated the court will not hesitate to take required action", the order stated.


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