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Ignore BJP use our energy on local evil


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24 minutes ago, Bulldozer said:

Ignore BJP , they are zero in our state,use our energy against ysrcp, last election also we did the same mistake.

Ikkada jarige arachakalu BJP ki teliyavani evvadu anukodu. Capital change, development apeyatam, investors ni extort cheyyatam, power discoms ni honour cheyyakapovatam, antha enduku monna jarigina vizag incident ni enduku ignore chestunnadu? Indirect ga YCP ki help cheyyatame. TDP party BJP vishayam lo involve avvatledu adi chalu. Ikkada db lo valla double standards expose chesthe tappemundi

Oka development oriented leader YCP lanti lathkor party tho laaluchi padi overall country development ki contribute chese ideas ni kill cheyyadu, adi oka state leader meeda kopam tho.

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BJP doesn't deserve to be spared, they are primary responsible for the current state of our state

State level lo YCP is our enemy, anthamatrana BJP ni emi anakunda undakkarledu may be party aa line teesukunna koda support chese situation ledu.


Somu veerraju ni control cheyakunda vundatam daggarnunchi start valla panikimalina play

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3 hours ago, Chandasasanudu said:

No need to spare bjp...but do not get carried away...bjp became worst than congress...social media handle chesthey congress correct ga...momentum gain cheyachu..

True. BJP ki morales levu. TDP ni kaavalane thokkesthunnaru. They don't have any intention to ally with TDP. alantappudu manam spare seyavalsina avasaram ledu. 

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