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Bjp Shrinking!


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3 hours ago, ramntr said:

Priyanka ni project chesthunnaru ga చిన్నగా... Robert gadi viseshalu లేకపోతే correct choice.. 


53 minutes ago, ramntr said:

విషయం ఎవడు chusthundu, ఇందిరా ni remind cheyinchaneeki chustharu more or less, workout ayithe jackpot లేదా as usual.. 

Ivemi ayye panulu kadu....ayina Indira gandi evadi ki gurthu vundi....remind cheste vote veyyataniki.....

Jyotibasu chanipoyina next elections ke aayanni ayana party ni marchi poyaru janam.

Next kuda BJP ne....

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5 hours ago, fan no 1 said:

Opposition very weak.. Next MODI contest cheyadu 70+ rule valla.. Shah chestadu PM ki...Yogi will go to center as Home.

Rules are there to be broken. KCR emannadu? TS vastey dalita mukhya matri annadu..... same thing will happen here also.... you are talking about a guy who is famous for breaking promises!

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