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  1. ee anti nationals ki china laa re education camps pettaali.
  2. Kuppam lo eppudainaa tdp campaign choosaavaa? Kuppam, hindupur lo TDP money distribute cheyyadhu.
  3. Try to identify reason behind hatred. It may helpful for taking corrective measures.
  4. These Women deserve better. Too much oppression leads to revolution. imams, rulers enjoy pleasures secretly. They preach Morales to others.
  5. mottham government oka reality show ayyindhi.
  6. https://telugu.hashtagu.in/andhra-pradesh/janasena-plays-survey-mind-game-on-telugu-desam-party-83094.html
  7. https://www.deccanherald.com/business/economy-business/rupee-at-record-low-despite-india-spending-100-billion-to-defend-the-currency-1147712.html
  8. https://www.deccanherald.com/opinion/adanis-fortune-deserves-greater-recognition-1147527.html
  9. head shave ki time paduthundhi.
  10. rbi wasting forex reserves(dollars) to protect rupee valuation. we can expect dollar to rupee 100 once forex reserves are over. it will happen by 2024
  11. delhi ed raids lo arabindu dorikaadu. daani diversion ki deenini vaadaaru.
  12. He tried to show power/status for small thing. Many times he or his family members try to show they are proximity to power centre.
  13. mohan babu okasaari gannavaram edho function ki vellaadu. akkada function tent lo koorchuni water ivvamani panimanishi ni adigaadu. panimanishi late chesaadu. appudu mohan babu nenu mp ni , water themmante intha nirlakshyam chesthaaraa ani koppaddaadu.
  14. adani needs steel for infra and logistics. once adani takeover rinl he will expand its capacity.
  15. 40 feet roads vesi, 15% land government ki isthe layout lo migiledhi 2500 square yards
  16. power politics lo ivannee common e gaa. vijji, sharmi ki property/power lo share elaa isthaaru. chinna chinna family property disputes lo peddha peddha godavalu avuthaayi. intha peddha stakes elaa vadhulukuntaaru. shaaru trying to gain power in tg. adhi success ayithe pie/cake size ekkuva dorukuthundhi. baagaa thinavachu. iddharikee disputes vundavu.
  17. development under progress. wait till 2034 to know result.
  18. Made in ap. Made for ap. Sell in ap. Paina brand name maarusthaaru. Lopala saruku okkate. One good entante ekkuva mandhi thaagubothulu vaadi supporters e. Vaadi Followers praanam theesukuni earn chesthunnaadu.
  19. Local brand. Made in ap and sold only in ap.
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