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  1. vadarevu or ramayapatnam daggara pettaali. land availability vuntaadhi. pollution constraints vundavu.
  2. i have same doubt. science & technology lokesh ki ivvavalisindhi.
  3. memu modi 4.0 complete chesthe chaalu anukunnaamu. kethireddy modi 5.0 antunnaadu.
  4. modi pm gaa vundatam important. bjp party expansion ni pakkana pedathaadhi. allies ni mingeyyadhu. 2029 election lo tdp bargain power peruguddhi. tamil nadu lo aidmk, maharashra lo shivsena tho patch up avuthaaru.
  5. interfaith marriages lo divorce ki help avvuddhi. ladies ki alimony, child maintenance etc.
  6. ucc, kashi , mathura pending . bjp will complete it 2029 - 2034
  7. south side safety ekkuva. north side alaa vundadhu.
  8. modi - guru laa kanapadindhi. happy watching guru ji
  9. okasaari pilichi diplomatic gaa cheppi vadhileyyaalsindhi.
  10. hero, heroine affairs gurinchi hero fan worry avvadam. heroine ki warning ivvadam too much. fans should respect their leader, actor, actress personal space.
  11. https://www.m9.news/politics/ram-charan-becoming-tdp-cadre-favorite/
  12. https://www.eenadu.net/telugu-news/ap-top-news/emotionally-happy-all-new-ministers--families/2501/124110657
  13. https://www.eenadu.net/telugu-news/ap-top-news/emotionally-happy-all-new-ministers--families/2501/124110657
  14. political strategists are necessary evils to political parties. they act like third party in giving feedback without bias to client. client can utilize political strategist services in governance . they are just tools in the hands of their client. same tool can be used for different purposes. its up to client how he utilizes the avaialble tool. some political strategists may like intention, deeds of client and work with him even if client rivals offer more.
  15. pk forest , environment minister aa red sandalwood smuggler what a coincidence
  16. pawan kalyan - deputy cm, panchayat raj, rural development, forest and environment nadendla manohar - civil supplies (food, ration) kandula durgesh - tourism, cinematography
  17. hyderabad lo revanth reddy ki governor traffic lo irukkupoyaadu. cbn ki same scene repeat ayyindhi. local gaa vunde aa governor konchem mundhu start avvavachu gaa.
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