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  1. Manollu capital dist lo vallu kuda veyalehdu ante dhaniki telling nenu... Tdp ki vachina 40% ki voting ki chala reasons untayi gah we can't generalize.... AP ppl are worst irrespective of tdp or ycp andhulo doubt emundhi.....btw, hyd was going on since decades si comparing this owning stuff with hyd is poor....tg vallu em thakkuva ah, mukkodu em chepthe adhi vini oogi poyaru common capital gah develop ayina hyd antha maa sontham ani.... at the end ppl r not good politicians are cashing and surviving people worst mindset..Amen...
  2. Ppl are not in a position to differentiate between nothing vs something.....they want to run behind nothing for pure igo, jealous and caste feeling
  3. Bro, ah districts lo Untu land leni vallaki kadupu manta...andharu support chestaru ani endhuku anukuntunnaru...Inka pakka dist and rest of the state cheppedhi ledhu....
  4. TDP Valle publicity kosam maa meedha burada jallatam kosam arrange chesukunnaru antaru final gah like how they did in viveka case...
  5. Eh okkadiki intha scene giving why...jus matter of flow and lack of strong leaders on other side along with people foolish people mind-set
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