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  1. Ivanni bjb friendship thoney antey you are in your dream bro. Wake up !!!!
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eichhornia_crassipes
  3. The typical ruling party corruption..making/demanding money for works etc. I heard that sunita lost handle of things happening around her. Not sunita directly but mostly to do with the people surrounding her it seems.
  4. It will be interesting this time. I hear a lot of bad things about paritala family from friends. Hopefully cbn's hard work with irrigation projects negates it.
  5. 2) not a big issue, our side projects can empty srisailam much faster if we wanted to at higher capacity levels. Even at lower levels too we have some capability with macchumarri but we can add more pretty quickly given how fast lift irrigation projects can be completed (pattiseema). Also with the whole NS and krishna delta dependency out of Krishna water, TG will fall in line with us. We just need to do that asap. 3) I don't think this will happen anytime soon. Kaleswaram effects choosaka they will reliaze and shut this off hopefully.
  6. Most of the people in rayalaseema region don’t expect water to be available for irrigating lands. As long as the ground water table is stable enough for agriculture, that's all they need. Filling up all the lakes in the districts would be a start in that direction, which is exactly what CBN is doing right now.
  7. Bro, I know NS right canal ppl are desperate for water. But I don't think there is any politics in it. Tg has control on it. There is nothing AP can do. Oka vela TG tho disco ki vellina, Ap larger interests lo compromise avvali TG tho. Inka water sharing for region antava, aa disco ki velthey evaridi hakku antey adi eppatiki theyladu...2-3 more years and cbn will sure find an alternative to NS right canal problems. There is nothing much that can be done about it other than requesting your mla's to pressurize government. Actually the current situation is a blessing in disguise to Rayalaseema r
  8. Asalu battalu vesukuntey kada expose cheyyataaniki
  9. Keep it coming for rayalaseema. Especially for anantapur entha vacchina thakkuve.
  10. More specifically Japan, Singapore and China !!!
  11. I started hating Baffas for this reason. They need not take sides, atleast setup a mechanism to resolve disputes in a meaningful manner. Center is behaving as if it's none of their business.
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