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  1. Really too much asalu, it might be turning point for next general election , kani media lo focus ye LEDu
  2. Terrace gardening kuda thappu yena
  3. Once upon time mana core vote bank, lost in 2014 to 2019( in kapu appeasement )
  4. Janasena tho pothu pettukunte , vadiki credibility penchinatte (TRS ki 2009 lo life ichinatlu), 2024 ki Inka party ye vundadu
  5. This is true , I enquired about ITDP team with who is working in it in central office , they don’t know who is Robin Sharma also
  6. Alert: Sleeper cells active ayyaru
  7. Vadi (jogi)inti meeda ki vellalsindi , appudu Telisiddi vadiki noppi
  8. Inthavaraku Country lo okka state anna collapse AyyindA ,even in case of trailing states in reference to GDP , Antha mana ooha anthe , priorities change chesukovalisi vastundi,already development aspesadu , ippudu konni freebies (ekkuva impact cheyavu anukunnavi)
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