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  1. Avunu Watsapp university lo PHD chesi vundali ,vutti knowled saripodu
  2. No measures from central GOV , expect giving general instructions, left people to die , irresponsible , done nothing except undermining the numbers , number of deaths are 10 fold to what appears in news
  3. When these many people are dying , how he is able to sleep , I can’t understand . IrresponsiblePM#
  4. I think GOV should procure at fair price and should give to people free of cost/ at nominal price inspite of this pressurising to get at low cost is not good for industry where lots reaseach is required ( at least Gov Is not promoting, better not to kill it )
  5. They did same in Narasarao pet also , targeted based on party
  6. Desam kosam dharmam kosam meeru emaina chestaru
  7. WTF, how to interpret this incident !!!!
  8. Modi is Pathological liar , his supporters are habitual liars