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    TarakMokshu99 reacted to surapaneni1 in 10500 crore extra appu to jaggad   
    Anna mee valuable time ni waste chesuko kandi politics kosam.. Parliament lo PM ichina matake  validity ledu.. People knows everything.. Majority matters..
    If u are intrested in politics and no financial issues.. These things are gud..
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    TarakMokshu99 reacted to Siddhugwotham in Kabul Has Fallen | Shame on US & UN   
    “The Taliban is not a problem for Afgan people alone . Under Taliban control Afganistan will with out doubt become ground of zero Islamist terrorism . Plots against democracies will be hatched once again.” Ahmad Masood
    Ahmad Massoud has given a call to Afgans to come out of house in large no.
    “You come out with Afgan Flags in your hand with dignity , we will give you freedom from Taliban.” Ahmad Massoud

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    TarakMokshu99 reacted to Yaswanth526 in AP Chief Minister Relief Fund   
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    TarakMokshu99 reacted to NTR_Ultimate in NTR... Best of the Best   
    TARAKANNA :terrific: :super:
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    TarakMokshu99 reacted to Taraka Ram in NTR... Best of the Best   
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