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  1. I thought ur just different to some one after speaking to you personally, u proved me wrong bro....Please continue ur phycoism
  2. Continue ur pshycosim , when u get into power in 2024 please come to my home and kill me because I support a party
  3. I never supported any killings or neither voted a party which ur accusing they killed, but ur the one who is supporting someone who is killing and raping someone. Atleast don't condemn it damn but support it, if ur doing it u are a stoop low person.....And please stop ur boloddy shit conversation here and het out
  4. Just imagine if mouth piece of congress writes this as 14 killings imagine how it's burning....Still we are blindfolded with just hatred on two people
  5. Aina sare vallu AP ni sankanakinchana BJP lo unnaru kabatti sampesina parledu, we will support it
  6. Since someone supported some useless politician you can support rapes and murders on them .....Wow wow claps
  7. https://twitter.com/iamabhaychauhan/status/1389591008581586946?s=19
  8. Though I don't like his his political affiliations, I liked his approach towards this elections. His party did not distribute money atleast in his seat and he won. Good hope he brings lot of changes to already developed Coimbatore south.
  9. See bro I accept ur statement partially , i won't deny their failure here. Nenu mee laaga guddiga support cheyyanu bjp ki, am even happy if bjp loses in Bengal .
  10. Kamal gadiki 0 🤣😂, Evm lo edo magic chesaru. Maa annayya win avvalsindi