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  1. only UMA uncle close ga cheppadu
  2. Labor aite one side ycp nenu chala mandi cab drivers local auto vallani adiga OC BC vs SC ST ee elections adi choodali
  3. em cheyamamtav aite ani GOM text chesadu
  4. May 10 na anni update kodta first thread
  5. Now that almost whole lists are out and dates are announced post your predictions Thread will be auto locked by May 11 eve.You can edit until then IMO Anything less than 125+ seats for Kootami is LOSS/SHAME given the anti wave in Andhra My prediction (not considering wave) TDP will get 91-95 seats JSP 13-15 BJP ~1-2 Overall ~105-112 Wave untey ~128 - 145 MP Kootami - 16-18
  6. Paina 2 ok 3 one gurinchi telse vesara 🤣🤣🤣
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