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  2. 2001-2003 madhyalo ni rains in AP….. that hit us badly…..
  3. why couldn’t you apply your last statement to Modi ?
  4. There are fools in IT who believe that Hyd developed on its own and CBN don’t have anything to do about it.
  5. Many in IT are forever indebted to him for his approach in introducing IT in a big way.
  6. Photo digantaniki vaati avasaram enduku mastaru. Photo ki pose iste chaalu. Ippudoste vachaadu kaani... ikkadikochi.. (a+b) whole cube formula ela vachindo cheppakapote ade padivelu
  7. Veediki English artham avtundaaa ? Asalu anni papers chadivi artham cheskoney scene undhaaa ?
  8. Today
  9. Emi upayogam antha kasta padi party complete close in TG
  10. It depends upon on wat reason u trust him.,, cast , religion , helping the need .,
  11. Manam antha cheppukunna vurlo raitulaki telida nijam ga vallaki amaina chesada leda ani? TDP ki vote vese raitulu kooda cheptunnaru YSR prabhutvam lo raitulam happy ani. Inka YSR ami cheyyaledu propogonda chesukunte janalu ade nijam anukuntunnaru anukovadaaniki YSR poyi taraalu avvaledu
  12. Good friends and in fact Nani helped Radha very much after Ministry , even there’s news that Peddireddy warned Nani about this
  13. Pressmeet - 23 September 2021 - Highlights
  14. Gelvakapovadame manchidi le, gelichi vunte jump jilani ai vadu.
  15. JSP poti chesi tdp Yadav ki iste gelavochu
  16. U think if a govt cant respond to all... A person can..?? Trust lantivi undatam tappu analemu le bro... Jagan is also trusted by many people as a saviour.... That doesnt mean his wrong acts can be written off...
  17. but people ki govt meeda hopes levu ga uncle...see today's tweet. Govt prathi daniki respond avvaledu but see the level of trust for Sonu sood.
  18. Aa NRI batch ki namaskaram.. Election taruvata address undaru
  19. TDP ni CBN ni chusi veyyadame inka..
  20. Last lo elections time ki vachi seat adigithe kastame eesari..
  21. Give it to a Kamma only who can spend money. Radha ki kammas vestara? Moreover nani and radha are friends no?
  22. Some NRI from Gudivada Sur name is donepudi Name gurthu raatledhu ,He is also trying hard for TDP ticket
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