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  1. అన్నింటిగురించి నాకు తెలియదు కానీ.... అవనిగడ్డ JSP అంటే డౌట్ గా వుంది........
  2. Antha TG ele punyam emo le brother...vadileyandi....
  3. Bellary mood ela vundi brother....Cong ki malli chance vunad? Gali active ga vunnada??
  4. 2009 lo eppudu vunna R feeling Leda brother? 2009 lo enduku anti vachindi
  5. 2000 note came to market with great vision I. e 2019 election after that they will destroy
  6. Didi is still following traditional ways to win elections which is not accepted by most of the people....... Baffas are following modern (i.e. ensuring low voting in opponent strong areas) ways to win election which is not understood by most of the people at this point.....
  7. maa office COW batch PAK meeda air strikes baga public loki velendi ani chebutunnaru.....He is frm UP ....he accepts that Baffa will get less than last time but not too much he says...
  8. monna mopidevi velethe work bagane nadustondi......as per me, work is not that fast and not that slow
  9. Dora andarini adjust cheyaleka poyadu kada.......anduke Baffas oka hand veddam ani planing emo.....
  10. south west ante kaveri ki use emo kada brother....
  11. Software vallu antha......last year kuda full traffic though they lifted gates for few days there was huge crowd/traffic.
  12. Hyd Bhrami batch mottam akkade vuntaru weekend kada.....
  13. I think it comes to Tungabadra dam....once it fills there it will come to Srisailam
  14. pantalu matram baga pandayee....kani ee sannasi Modi valana deeniki rate ledu.