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  1. U can expected asking for some donations also note: one side he increases taxes silently (for example taxes on fuel)
  2. Assam Hyd lo vunde middle class batch antha Cards meeda kontaru kada ....
  3. Edo vedic science lo chepparu anta sounds chesthe virus potundi anta anduke temples lo kuda chestaru anta ala ite High intensity sounds system pedithe potundi ga yedava XXXXXXX antha bayataki vastunnaru
  4. Northies too much le brother each one buying too many groceries northies Mari tuttara batch
  5. Eppudu bhakts vachi Is she supporting PAK anale
  6. Ina Italy nunchi 15 tourists vasthe evadi pichakayalu pisukutunnadu anta more over Italy has most no of dearth after China Anni countries monitor cheyaka poena ok China and Italy lanti country travellers ani monitor cheyali ga
  7. So in reality lo package more than 20 Ina vastundi ? If we claim salary is less than 15 ante ok na
  8. monna mopidevi velethe work bagane nadustondi......as per me, work is not that fast and not that slow
  9. Dora andarini adjust cheyaleka poyadu kada.......anduke Baffas oka hand veddam ani planing emo.....
  10. south west ante kaveri ki use emo kada brother....
  11. అందరికి ఇల్లు అని ..... GST వేసి రేట్స్ పెంచేసాడు.... ఇదెబ్బతో జనాలు వైద్యంకూడా చేయించుకోనివ్వడు ఏమో...
  12. Software vallu antha......last year kuda full traffic though they lifted gates for few days there was huge crowd/traffic.