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  1. Already plan Ade anta next Sha and Muddi will go for president anta....
  2. As per constitution any SC moved out of Hindusiam will be treated as BC (not sure about category but its BC)
  3. Not suicide anukunta they killed Owner relative
  4. Brathimalutundo leka slow poison laga warnings echi okkasare shoot chestaro chudali antha Muddi sab daya
  5. Morning FB lo post chupincharu evaro....May be Nijam ievuntundi le
  6. situation antha worst ga vundi antara??
  7. Adi vaadi house kadu kada his house is in road no 25 vidoe lo diamond house chupistunnadu ga
  8. We already received frm school that holidays are extended he unable to solve the issue and trying spoil kids feature
  9. ఇదిఏదో భక్తుల write-up గావుందిగా అలాఅనుకుంటే common man కి చేసి Govt మేమె చేసాం అని చెప్పుకుని ఓట్లు పొందవచ్చుగా .....
  10. monna mopidevi velethe work bagane nadustondi......as per me, work is not that fast and not that slow
  11. Dora andarini adjust cheyaleka poyadu kada.......anduke Baffas oka hand veddam ani planing emo.....
  12. south west ante kaveri ki use emo kada brother....