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  1. Aayana start chesadu antene edo vuntundi
  2. Time for Delhi trip with suitcases
  3. aa sachivalayam employee gaadu first bank pass book kaavali cheque copy kaadu annadu....deeniki ra ante....name and account matching kosam annadu.... Mari cheque meeda ade vundi kada ante ite ok antunnadu....vaadi level of knowledge Adi.....Aadhar and passbook kavali ante eka ade kaavali....aa employee gaadini chesthe edo 10 pass vaadilaga vunnadu alage maa district lo GNT district valla lands vuntayee it is just 3km to cross krishna river ..... Ina sare krishna district lo account kaavali antunnadu
  4. Ee rule valla farmer ki 3 districts lo polam vunte 3 accounts vundali
  5. Another thing is farmer cannot have account in district other than where fields are there
  6. Today I have been to village sachivalayam per acre 28 bags of rice only you should sell to miller I guess this rule was brought by pakoda sab anyone has idea on this ??
  7. As per baffas they gave more than promised
  8. Ante enko 2 terms aa Ite PAK easy ga beat chestam ga development lo (already bangaladesh over)
  9. నాలుగు కొత్త బూతులు వదులుతాడు జనాలు ఆహా ఓహో అంటారు
  10. My home and Geetha arts https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aha_(streaming_service)
  11. Can be done unfortunately everyone has to follow central Pushpams guidelines if someone crosses limits ED & CBI will enter
  12. MoSha entry kosam try chess states lone ani meaning MH or GJ lo vundavu elanti incidents
  13. Wherever MoSha want to get the hold there will be attack on Hindu temples
  14. May be but pakoda sab is just behaving like bimanami of corporates... they do not need power but they want their things to move and he just want status as PM that all.