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  1. kanagalakiran

    FEB1- Budget Day

    ee roju 75 ...2 or 3 months back kuda 75 aa na ina nenu petrol oka example cheppanu......desam lo only petrol control lo vunte chala...... anni expenses perugutunnayee ga brother....
  2. kanagalakiran

    FEB1- Budget Day

    brother nenu meeku echina lekka maa mava garu salary ....He does not have any bad habits and does eat out side food also......no fixes properties.... When I told him same thing that you will be getting around 15K (may be less bcz his salary is little less than 5L) benefit per year ....he said "anni rates last year laga vunte benefit kani ala levuga enkemi benefit" annaru.......
  3. kanagalakiran

    TDS on interest

    40K varaku TDS (Tax deducted at Source) vundadu anthe ..... but u still need to show that as your income and pay taxes at the end of the year.....
  4. kanagalakiran

    FEB1- Budget Day

    limited aa nuvvu devudivi brother.....vaadu eche limited monthly petrol and other daily goods increased amounts ki chalavu.....
  5. kanagalakiran

    FEB1- Budget Day

    Ina ee rojjullo 30K per moth ante pedda vishyam kadu like Hyd lanti cities lo if u are earning 30K month then yearly 3.6L per year. Assume you do not have any savings then as per last year slab you might be paying around 6K yearly towards income tax new budget valla aa 6K save avutayee...avi sandard inflation ani vundi (naaku exact ga idea le) daani ki saripotayaa.....
  6. kanagalakiran

    FEB1- Budget Day

    2014 కిముందు కృషి కళ్యాణ్ cess లాంటివి లేవు కదా 2014 taravathe Health and Education Cess 1% increase chesaru
  7. kanagalakiran

    Modi TAX Rebate ... Tupuk

    అన్ని సేవింగ్స్ చేసుకుని .......ఏమి చెయ్యాలో
  8. kanagalakiran

    FEB1- Budget Day

    State govt help lekunda Central govt daggara info vundadu kada.... State govt ki credit evvakunda trying anukunta...
  9. kanagalakiran

    FEB1- Budget Day

    Tax exemption estadu edo oka cess antadu matter close ina eppudu pette budget apr 2019 nunchi appati election code vastundi paiga daani benefits evariki vellavu
  10. kanagalakiran

    Fire accident in Nampally exhibition

    పక్క రాష్ట్రము లైట్ ఐనా వాళ్ళకి కావలిసింది ఉత్తిత్తివేకదా .... అందుకే ఒట్టి ఫైర్ ఇంజిన్ పెట్టారు .....
  11. Vaadu separate high court Kosam fighting denikosam at least he can influence few orders Like he did with EC in recent election
  12. KCR is the most happiest person now
  13. kanagalakiran

    Kia in Anantapur !

    Adi 2 years back start chesaru even prundeswari also said its bcz Modi
  14. kanagalakiran

    Kia in Anantapur !

    Usually prices will be announced after release confirmed I.e even after bookings starts
  15. kanagalakiran

    Kathipudi to Ongole National Highway 216 Expansion

    monna mopidevi velethe work bagane nadustondi......as per me, work is not that fast and not that slow