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  1. sollu aapara

    aa foot paths kuda almost roads meede vunnayeega
  2. Holy water and Prayer oil cure illness?

    brother......emi varsham ?? prema varshmaaa
  3. Big Data Analytics

    Congress need just 150 to 170 seats then they can easily form govt
  4. Srisailam

    Heavy flood ravachu ani warning anta.....
  5. Srisailam

    That is old video....As for now 3 gates....By 10pm in flow was 2L
  6. Srisailam

    This water comes into Pulichintala right?
  7. ***Monsoon Updates***

    Srisailam ki antha vachina use emi vundi dora NS vadilestaduga..Poni vaatilo NS right canal ki emi ina estada ante adi ledu....
  8. Irrigation works @ AndhraPradesh

    edi barrage aa Nellore daggara or just bridge ?
  9. ***Monsoon Updates***

    Finally pulichintala getting 18k cusecs inflow...Do not know how long it will continue...
  10. pattiseema

    Min 1050 vuntundi.....BPT ite enko 300 ekkuva vuntundi min ga
  11. pattiseema

    Depends on polam....2nd baga xxxx water easy ga vache polam ite 23 rice bags....Leka pothe 20 ala vuntayee
  12. pattiseema

    avunu....kani maa brothe rkuda annadu pattiseema pumps lo okati work cheyatam ledu anta anandu...
  13. pattiseema

    ledu brother almost 1 week nunchi pattiseema water sariga ravatam ledu....maa brotehr kuda annadu... anduke Pulichintala nunchi water release chesadu....
  14. ***Monsoon Updates***

  15. ***Monsoon Updates***

    Pls look at this site http://www.core.ap.gov.in/CMDashBoard/UserInterface/Irrigation/IrrigationCommonReport.aspx