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  1. Adi vaadi house kadu kada his house is in road no 25 vidoe lo diamond house chupistunnadu ga
  2. We already received frm school that holidays are extended he unable to solve the issue and trying spoil kids feature
  3. ఇదిఏదో భక్తుల write-up గావుందిగా అలాఅనుకుంటే common man కి చేసి Govt మేమె చేసాం అని చెప్పుకుని ఓట్లు పొందవచ్చుగా .....
  4. Maa village lo 8 volunteers anta oka 2 members tirigithe complete survey 1 day lo cheyavachu (madyalo lunch chesi 30mins rest kuda tisukovachu)
  5. మీరు హ్యాపీ .... జనాలు డబుల్ హ్యాపీ....... మిమ్మల్ని చూసి మేము ట్రిపుల్ హ్యాపీ......
  6. ఈసారి అజెండా అదికాదుగా..... నావైపు చూడాలి అనికూడా అనుకోవద్దు అని వేడుకోటానికి పోయాడుగా
  7. Jobs Esther use emi vundi Ina common man is not interested to spend money bcz they are feeling that they are paying more taxes than usual.....
  8. Around adibatla it is recreation zone so expansion is difficult.
  9. UT ante TG ki bokka People in Hyd accept it but other TG poeple strongly object it. UT/2nd capital process is in progress but which one they pick is something we need to wait.
  10. I cannot see image posting can someone post matter ?
  11. Capability kadu kada manavadu ite chalu
  12. But no one wants get into CBI and ED radar ...
  13. UT cheyadu emo...2nd capital antadu...eka Bhakts hyd ni bajans tho munchestaru.....as usual ga Muddi gadu AP Special style lo chestadu...... eelopu ede topic (may be they pick few more) meeda KCR gadi ni dimpestaru....
  14. Hyd is 2nd capital means I do not think they need to move any central govt offices as Hyd has so many central govt institutions. This will help BJP to gain some votes at least from Hyd and surrounding areas. Also Muddi is not that fool I think to completely move.....it is kind of biscuit .....namkevasthe 2nd capital....like special status to AP ......
  15. 10K evvali auto drivers ki ani announce chesadu kada...