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  1. That’s what we are missing Point to point rebuttal has to be given to them and counter there arguments effectively
  2. Tejasvi marie worst statements isthadu Nd modi lantie orator kastham
  3. Vallu land kondhe kanchikacherla lo a region ne capital region ki kalipesie story allesadhu jaffas
  4. Does it matter whatever happens ultimately during elections they blindly vote for trs .... until strong opposition leader emerges ....
  5. Prashant is kicked out of JDU I think so it doesn’t matter better to ignore Nd confine to ur state related issues
  6. Lol 😂 is it even possible illantie concepts seems It’s his question to scientist
  7. We don’t have any other option even though they won’t investigate further just dragging we have to try something Against them
  8. Photo shoot pichie matram podhu
  9. TDP emie adigina reject or more queries ippudu matram outright gha helping emie set chesaru kanie gettigha helping bjp matram jaffa ki
  10. It’s best to give jaydev, rammohan Nd kesineni Nd some upcoming youth leaders
  11. It’s seems yogi fixed for encounter
  12. Super illantie vatiki matram so called SM meme pages lo posts veyaru adhe emmana konchem -ve itey chalu motham digga padatharu
  13. How up handling this rape incident is worst and they should handle in more sensitive way instead of creating more doubt to people as they are trying to coverup. First they burned body of victim without family consent or family presence and now with that forensic report more doubt raising on police Nd handling issue. Why to stop opposition when u did nothing wrong. remember how ur party stand for Nirbhaya case Nd did agitation against Congress then now how ur behaving in this case. Is there any difference b/w them and u.
  14. Worst batch seeing polices doing final rituals in midnight I have suspicion but thought they won’t go this far but now seeing there postmortem report now I believe they are definitely misleading case
  15. Worst thing shouldn’t happen to anybody Nd everybody should condemn it irrespective of party affiliation.