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*****యువగళం: లోకేష్ పాదయాత్ర*****


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10 hours ago, TDP_2019 said:

Ee Venkat rao ki kaneesam aa meeting endi ane sense undaa. Nannu mosam chesi vodincharu ani endedo chepthunnadu. 

There has to be clear instruction that his agenda should be Anty government. Not Anty Vamsi. Vamsi ane vaadu eeka lo ookaaa. Vaadi meeda concentration kaadu pettalsindhi, motha govt chesthunna vedhava panula meeda

venkata rao baga matladadu , akkada local situation veru in future u will see

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1 hour ago, ramntr said:

Inthaki vijayawada paristhithi endi mp... 

Kesineni nani ni ignored aa.. Is it a good idea? 

Who’s ignoring whom anedhi not able to understand 

But one thing is certain wrong button initiated by Nani and that too publicly 

Edited by Nfan from 1982
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1 hour ago, Eswar09 said:

 e roju gannavaram cadre tho meeting Lo lokesh speech excellent ..Clear ga super ga matladadu.. we want this kind of speeches.. suthi lekunda . suti ga cheppali..

Super lokesh

Yes brother I too saw it 

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