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GautamiPuthra Satakarni - My Reflections


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Just came home after watching GowthamiPutra Sathakarni......what an outstanding & Awesome movie..


First and foremost, I would like to express my profound thanks to Director Krish for making such a fabulous movie. To dream such a project itself requires lots of confidence in one's own abilities. To execute such a project within limited budget and within such a short time adhering to strict time-lines, requires precise planning, decision-making and co-operation from all players concerned. It is one classic case of excellent project management. With many limitations and time limits, delivering such an outstanding product displays your creative genius. You have wonderfully presented before us the glorious history of India in general and Telugus in particular.   Sir, You have proved once again that you are one of rare and precious jewel in TFI. To me you are the Hero of this film. You have made us proud once again and My kudos to you.


Balayya's acting as usual is outstanding, his appearance is magestic. He is the heart and soul of this film. Royalty means Balayya and Balayya means Royalty. King of the Kings re-incarnated once again. I thoroughly enjoyed his dialogues, screen presence and above all fights/war scenes throughout the film. 


Hemamalini brought lots of grace to her role. Shriya was second to none and she perfectly justified her role in the film. Chitharanjan Bhutt delivered good background music and Burra Sai Madhav's dialogues were terrific. Photography was also good, rather I would say great. Such a movie requires lots of graphics and the very measure of failure of graphics is letting the audience know that is graphics. It seems not much graphics and computer artwork was used in this film and wherever it was used it seemed naturally in place and never too synthetic. 


Glorious history of Telugus presented on the silver screen, If you miss watching this movie, definetly you will miss something. No point in comparing this movie with competitor's regular commercial movie, it is a class by itself. I really dont know much about attributing a price tag to a movie, nor do I care much about collections, all I can say is,its value is immeasurable and priceless. 


The Era of Nandamuri's has reached its zenith.  Hearty Congratulations to all the Nandamuri fans once again. 

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