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GST pros & cons


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donga naakodukul. People blood literally sucking everyday. They made entire indian railways prone to loss now onwards with this salary increase. vellaki HRA anta TA anta DA anta. emi anna luxury life velladi.


Inflation is not because of Petrol price or commodity prices in india. It is because of govt. employees salaries and expenses.

bhayya nuv emi job chestavu.............

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what is GST:- 


before GST, structure of tax as shown in below image:



Consumer has to pay 242 rupees for the final finished product based on VAT.


after GST, tax will be low on final product as shown in below image:



see above with GST bill:- whole saler will say that manufacturer paid 10 rupees tax already so i will pay remaining 5 rupees. Again retailer will say that both wholesaler & manufacturer paid already 15 rupees tax so i will pay remaining 7 rupees tax only. So this is how GST is levied on based on value addition only but not on whole price. So the final product will be cheaper for consumer with GST bill reform. the difference is 15 rupees cheaper for consumer for the same product.




Pros -


1. if a person or business unit does a service on a machinery item in chittoore, generally he can bill in chennai and shows invoice to chittoor business as he already paid (TDS) cess 4% (current rate) paid to TN govt. So this Chittoor tax unit will shut his asss hoole and keeps silent.

Now with GST bill, he will pay GST tax to central govt. So central govt. will revert this 4% tax to AP govt since service is done in chittoor, AP.


 - Gain to AP & Loss to TN.

(point #  this is one of the reason why TN is opposing GST).  :dream:


2. generally if a product is manufactured, all types of taxes applicable collected in all stages of manufacturing that product. let say that product is manufactured in AP. generally business buys raw material from either local vendors and manufactures the final product. Also manufacture has head office in mumbai, MH. Now finished goods is sold in MH to whole saler or directly to consumer so this transaction becomes interstate, as the manufacturer bills the wholesaler in mumbai and collects local mumbai tax. before GST, entire tax amount goes to MH only as the business might have incentive from AP govt for setting local manufacturing unit to create local jobs.


     with GST,  all the taxes relevent in AP are substracted on manufacturer cost and only remaining tax on value added to manufacturer cost is paid by consumer within this collection of GST, center distributes that tax on manufacturer cost to AP & remaining tax on value added by wholesaler to MH. This is the case where manufacture bills in mumbai since his headquarter is in mumbai.


 - Gain to AP, consumer & Loss to MH.

(point #  This is one of the reason why MH is loosing the revenue and wants center to compensate).


3. GST makes the tax as consumer based taxation. Before it was origin based taxation system.


if a product is manufactured in TN and head quarter of manufacture is located in TN, the product is billed with tax in TN to wholesaler by manufacturer. This entire tax goes to TN govt even though wholesaler is in MH and final consumer is in MH. Now with GST, tax goes to MH since the consumer is located in MH.


(point # why TN is opposing this GST).  :dream:



4. All e-commerce business now comes under GST. before there was not taxed by many states. now with GST all e-commerce business needs to collect GST including amazon, snapdeal, flipcart etc.  :dream:

Cons - 


1. GST is not applicable to crude oil, diesel, petrol, natural gas, ATF (aviation turbine fuel) and alcohol consumed by humans. These products are only directed taxes by State Govt.


2. States can still add additional tax on raw material manufactured by business to counter the loss faced by states due to GST.


3. States can sill add freight and logistics taxes on products.


4. GST may add more taxes to house construction & Real estate per economists. 


5. service industry where current rate is 15% and if GST rate is more than 15%.


6. Pharmacy sector - Rates of pharmaceuticals will increase.


7. Inflation will rise as there will be rates increse in service sector.


Below Example explains how consumer gets benifit with GST:


This tells you are paying 58 Rs tax now. With GST in force, you will pay only 16 Rs.


govt ki tax tagguddhi anukunte tax percentage penchutaru.. why would they lose tax money.... don't think common man will see any difference. The concept of single tax is good... but don't think central govt should decide... based on local situations state govts should decide tax percentages

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Guest Urban Legend


Modi takes money from entire India and develops Gujarati and Maharashtra. Adi vadi plan. That's it.



idhi e roju malli prove ayyindhi sagar mala lo rest of the areas vadhilesi

anni gujju ke pattukupoyadu

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oka ca tho matladithey prices thagachu overall ga choosthey but clients and everyone should get trained...confusion untadi few days antunnaru...point is ilanti complicated things meeda ..not easy to conclude...good aithey happy theda aithey

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Guest Urban Legend

vk ramabrahmam kaza @KazaVk 40m40 minutes ago


స్కూల్ బ్యాగులపై 18శాతం పన్ను, కంప్యూటర్లు, ప్రింటర్లపై పన్ను 18 శాతానికి తగ్గింపు1f62a.png అగరబత్తీలు, ఇన్సులీన్‌పై 5 శాతం పన్ను 1f60c.png#GST

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inthaku mundu 14% undedi tax. veedu bjp vochaka swach bharath tax, krishi vikas tax ani 15.5% chesadu. ippudu adi 18% chesadu.


Desham dabbulu anni 10githintunnaru ee MH, GJ, MP states....anduke okkosari PK gaadini National Level lo support seyyali anipisthadi. 

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inthaku mundu 14% undedi tax. veedu bjp vochaka swach bharath tax, krishi vikas tax ani 15.5% chesadu. ippudu adi 18% chesadu.


Desham dabbulu anni 10githintunnaru ee MH, GJ, MP states....anduke okkosari PK gaadini National Level lo support seyyali anipisthadi.


ee pk gaadiki paisa theleedu avesham thappa ... edoka picchi vedhava.

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Being far away ... I don't pretend to know the impact of central govt policies on common man.


But, allow me to express some thoughts ... they're not too different ...


Its important to cultivate a sense of a nation ... a culture ...


Beyond that, its important to see ourselves as productive citizens ... not dependent on the state. Sure, there comes a time in one's life ... one needs help. That's why we're paying taxes. But, I don't expect to be in that conundrum for too long. I expect to pull myself out of that with some help from the state.


thought process stopped here ... sorry, more later ...

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Govt hikes Cinema ticket prices in Telangana


Telangana state agreed to increase cinema ticket rates. The state government issued a Government Order on Monday night, allowing hike in the ticket prices.The tariff changes were made in the backdrop of the implementation of GST from July 1.The GO MS No 75 issued by the home department, increasing the tickets rates comes as a follow up from the directives of the High Court. The GO fixed the prices for not only multiplexes but also single screen AC and non-AC theatres in GHMC limits, municipalities and panchayats. Theatre owners are allowed to increase the price maximum up to 20 rupees while keeping the lower limit as 10 rupees. Additionally, the owners of the AC theatres are permitted to increase the rates ranging from minimum of Rs 2 to maximum of Rs 7 per ticket.The movie goer has to bear the renovation costs of the theatres, as the owners can charge from Rs 5 to Rs 7 per ticket. At least 20 per cent seats in multiplexes should be allocated to the lower class. The rates of multiplex ticket are enhanced with the executive class now costing Rs 200 while the Gold class costs Rs 300. As per the GO, following is the increase in prices –


Limits - Balcony ticket in Rupees -Lower Class ticket in Rupees

GHMC AC theatres 120 40

GHMC Non-Ac Theatres 60 20

Municipality AC theatres 80 30

Municipality Non-AC theatres 60 20

Nagar and Gram Panchayats– Ac theatres 70 20

Panchayats – Non-Ac theatres 50 15

Multiplexes 300 Gold class 200 Executive class



Read more at telugu360: Govt hikes Cinema ticket prices in Telangana https://www.telugu360.com/?p=120729


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