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  1. ACA started this stadium with its own money. They estimated the cost around 50-60 cr. But it didn't go as planned. Problems with money and problems with contractor. The costs have escalated almost 3 times. Don't know if BCCI is giving anything. On a side note BCCI gave money for building stadiums in other parts of the country like Himachal Pradesh. ACA has very little clout in BCCI.
  2. asalu naku oka doubt. AJ vaadu split mundu rasadu. The other side of Krishna river kuda AP dhe ani as per old records ani. anyway split happened with Krishna river as border. ipppudu manam Krishna river mottam maa area lo vundhi.. so first right maadhe anochuu kadha. or even say TG has no right. vallu penta chestunnappudu manam enduku cheyyakudadhu?
  3. this training is to learn the skills needed for job in a company which is in SEZ. don't want to say whether it is right or wrong but if supply is more than demand, this is how it will be.
  4. what is the use posting here bro... we don't have this scheme in AP. It is not even comparable to NTR Arogya sri
  5. we have 7 airports - Tirupati, Kurnool (from April), Kadapa, Puttaparthi, Vijayawada, Rajamahendrawaram, Vizag. 8th airport at Nellore is under construction. We also have 3 international airports on paper. had central govt acted responsibly, we would have see international flights from Tirupati tooo
  6. AP lo vunnananni airports inka aa state lo levu anukunta.. passengers kuda baane vuntunnaru
  7. soooo happy that XLRI finally landed in Amaravati. some bishop was telling that over the years they tried establishing this in Hyd but govts there didn't co-operate but CBN gave all the co-operation.. Hyd loss is our gain.... Hope we will see many more top institutes and companies in Amaravati in the future.
  8. This shows how bad the medical schemes are in other parts of the country
  9. mari inka Kuchipudi design ani enduku antunnaru?
  10. adhe anipistondhi.. mari simple design... but inko pakka Kuchipudi design antunnaru...
  11. iconic bridge annaru... chivariki vunna vatillo simplest design tho kadhutunnaru kadha? it is just like normal bridge..
  12. shearwall tech lo walls are build in the factories and brought anukunta. Diagrid tech ante they will use iron bars on the outside of the building for support. Internally there would not be any pillars.
  13. true... don't understand the need for 25k acres. Also each lane is 4m... so 4 lanes on each side requires 32-35m. so don't understand why they only want 2 lanes each side.
  14. This is definitively a great initiative. infact RTC should spin this of as a separate division and make it very big
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