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  1. Ya i m not exepecting total 1000 km... but atleast some stretches which were classified as phase 1. Paina oka post lo 2018 june ki oka stretch ready antunnaru.. so atleast if they can finish by end of 2018, its a good deal i guess. Gadkari is an efficient minister.. lets see if he puts any efforts into this.
  2. Suthrapraya ante... frst stage of projects bro.. MoU lu raskotam.. feasibility study ki funds release cheyyatam... vaati output ni batti project finalize chestaru..
  3. Ya bro.. 977 kms total.. alnost 1000 kms.. nit a small thing. And load factor kuda chala bagundhi.. 1000 tonnes tops ante almost 10 to 15 tanks in war time and nearly 10 to 20 containers of load that is transported through roads. Grains movement ki.. construction material movement ki chala plus avvuddi.. will save lot of money in fuel. Villu cheptunnatlu 2018 end ki first phase finish chesina it is a considerable achievement. Kindly keep updating this threaf.. i ve bookmarked it fr updates nd new posts.
  4. Sonybro... AP lo channel length entha ? Considerable freight transport jarigidda once finished ?
  5. Akkada pamputunnadhi 100 ane ga esaru.. 1000 ani kadu ga... Ofcourse 100 kuda ekkuve anuko.. Asale state ni lotu budget lo pettukoni ee anavasara karchulu endho babugoru... malli deeniki kuda central funds ivvatledani gola chestara endhi meerandharu kalisi.. meeru mararayya.. anni dabbulu bokka patti yapaaralu.. ippudu antha urgent ga singapore trip eyyakapote vchina nashtam endanta.. babugoriki maree chadastam ekkuvaipoindhi.. Migatha balance allu singapore ellochaka dobbutha..
  6. Mee tdp ollu chesedi edina sare dobbataniki ready ga untaam..
  7. Ofcourse adi kuda kareshtey anuko compaqqu.. dobbali anukunnappudu upayoga padiddi ee concept kuda..
  8. Farmers will get a sense of belonging.. also it sends a message that their voice is not ignored.. even if it is 5 or 10 farmers, they can educate others back home.
  9. 500 acres aa... pichcha lite asalu...fadnavis gadini pattukellamanandi... manaki akkarla.
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