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  1. proposed lift irrigation project lift 7,000 cusecs. any project requires assured supply of water.if water supply stops in the middle/last stages of crop farmers don't get required yield. yes, in this year we got good inflow from munneru. if we transfer 11,500 cusecs water for 24 hours it is equivalent to 1 tmc floods from munneru won't be more than a month. this year we lost 40 tmc. out of 40 tmc with 7,000 cusecs lift capacity we can utilize 30*7000/11500 = 18 tmc . we can store 10 tmc in vykuntapuram barrage . make it total 28 tmc . this year is best year since 2014 . we can't e
  2. memu cheppedi idhe kadaaa polavaram rmc(right main canal) capacity is just enough to serve krishna delta. polavaram rmc doesn't have spare capacity to transfer water to nsp right canal. polavaram rmc capacity at head end(near polavaram) 17,500 cusecs. at tail end(near pavithra sangamam) 11,500 cusecs. if somehow cbn increase polavaram rmc capacity then this lift irrigation project is useful.
  3. @sonykongara how to upload images to nfdb. when i try to upload images it failed. do we need any separate permission to upload images
  4. i have seen in news that ap government has given lands to lepakshi knowledge hub in 2009 . lepakshi knowledge hub is at anantpur karnataka border . it is around 80 km from bangalore airport. is it possible for ap government for to take back those lands and setup itir? ITIR bangalore is not started as the farmers in that area opposed land acquisition . if we can get itir it will transform total anantpur district .
  5. srisailam & nagarjuna sagar fill ayye chance vunte veellaku problem vundadu kadaa
  6. https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/decks-cleared-for-bengaluru-expressway-project/article23753798.ece
  7. evaro mahaanubaavulu cbn ni mislead chestunnaru. lekapothe cbn overthinking tho ilaantivi chestunnado teliyadu. polavaram coffer dam will be ready by 2018 may/june . ie polavaram rmc and lmc will get water through gravity by june 2019. what is the necessity of lifting water from guddigudem (chintalapaudi scheme) to polavaram rmc. cbn wasted 1600 crores on purushothampatnam lift irrigation scheme 3500 cusecs to lift water to polavaram lmc for one season. if he spend same amount on polavaram lmc, by this time polavaram lmc could get completed. basically cbn wants instant gratification
  8. http://uat.meeseva.gov.in/CMDashBoard/userinterface/irrigation/IrrigationCommonReport.aspx once you open the link press canals button the above link gives details about discharge capacity of different canal system in ap (in cusecs) . nsrmc(nagarjuna sagar right main canal) 11,000 krishna delta eastern main canal 10,600 krishna delta western main canal 8,200
  9. 17500 cusecs at head(polavaram) and gradually reduces to 11500 cusecs at tail (vijayawada) . i read at somewhere in eenadu that cbn asked irrigation officials that "whether it is possible to increase rmc capacity" . they said no
  10. polavaram rmc can carry sufficient water only for krishna delta . we need another canal from polavaram to transfer water to nsp right canal ayacut
  11. edi emainaa godavari range flow mana country lo vere river ki ledu. particularly peak flow. in 1986 floods its around 36 lakh cusecs roughly 300 tmc/day. it's peak flow is more than mightier brahmaputra and ganga rivers. national institute of hydrology roorkee predicted peak flow at polavaram 60 lakh cusecs . ie 500 tmc/day . cwc reduced the estimates to 50 lakh cusecs/day and designed spillway capacity to 50 lakh cusecs
  12. ysr extended it . ysr extended limits of gangavaram port also . he denotified mutyalammapalem port which has natural depth of 23 meter. mutyalammapalem port backyard of simhadri ntpc. https://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-andhrapradesh/Gangavaram-Port-lsquoemerges-winnerrsquo/article15331631.ece
  13. https://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-andhrapradesh/cpim-for-assembly-resolution-on-ramayapatnam-port-project/article24307395.ece read above link
  14. vodarevu port location ekkada vodarevu or motupalle ? https://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-andhrapradesh/Motupalli-port-plan-triggers-protest/article15269276.ece motupalle ayithe chinnaganjam daggara vuntundi . its near to proposed paper mill ramayapatnam port is within exclusive zone of krishnapatnam port. https://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-andhrapradesh/cpim-for-assembly-resolution-on-ramayapatnam-port-project/article24307395.ece
  15. https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/logistics/will-ports-create-the-next-wave-of-npas/article24373914.ece
  16. farmers in yerraguntapalli met devineni uma . he said that govt will give 28 lakh/acre in august
  17. this year la nina dominates india . more rains than normal . this year all dams in krishna river gets filled. if pending works in handri neeva, galeru nagari completed . it will be festival to farmers and tdp in election year.
  18. http://www.krishnapatnamport.com/milestones.html krishnapatnam port handled first vessel 18/april/2008 krishnapatnam port officially inaugurated on 17/july/2008
  19. please read cag report from page 18 http://www.agap.cag.gov.in/agers/AR(ES)2012/Chapter2.pdf i agree that ,in high court jagan mentioned cbn alloted project . in court jagan also filed that emaar mgf alloted by cbn. ysr has no role in it. are we going to agree with that? emaar mgf land acquired under ysr rule. ysr also revised agreement with mgf and did scam in emaar mgf. they(jagan&co) will tell lies in court as per their needs. natco roped navayuga after september 2004. please read following pdf from page 4 to page 5 https://www.bseindia.com/downloads/ipo/2009331
  20. krishnapatnam port credit goes to ysr. under cbn rule, gangavaram port awarded to dvs raju company with 2.1% revenue share with government for first 30 years, 4.2% for next 10 years(31-40), 8.4% for next 10 years(41-50) under cbn rule , krishnapatnam awarded to natco with revenue with 5% for 1-5 years, 8% 6-10 years, 10% for 11-15 years, 12% from 16th year . natco didn't started port works as it didn't got financial closure. natco roped navayauga and reduced natco shareholding pattern to 26% . cv rao who is friend of ysr wrote a letter to ap governement in 2004 to revise revenue sh
  21. krishna delta canals koodaa baagane design chesaaru. godavari delta, krishna delta, buckingham canal system designed by sir arthur cotton . only problem here is polavaram rmc canal capacity is not enough to serve needs of nsp right canal + krishna delta. if polavaram canal widened then cbn plan works without depending on krishna water.
  22. godavari lo sand mining, fish ponds, prawns ponds tho salt problem vastundi.
  23. idi simple gaa oka waste project. deeniki pette karchu polavaram lmc ki petti vunte eepatiki polavaram lmc(left main canal) complete ayyi vundedi. purushottham lift irrigation cost around 1600 crore(stage1+stage2) 3500 cusecs . it starts supplying water only in this season(2018-2019) . polavaram coffer dam get completed by 2019 may/june . ie polavaram left canal gets 17,500 cusecs water from 2019 june through gravity. why should we spend 1600 crore for one season water supply of 3500 cusecs
  24. +1 mumbai pune expressway, agra delhi expressway koodaa 100 meters width thone vesaaru.
  25. i also have same doubt total godavari delta canal capacity (western canal, central canal, eastern canal) is 15000 cusecs . godavari ayacut is around 10 lakh acres. in kharif they release around 12000-15000 cusecs . in rabi they adjust with 8000 cusecs krishna delta is around 13 lakh acres, in best/ideal scenario they release 11000 cusecs. currently they are adjusting with less water. nagarjuna sagar right canal capacity 11000 cusecs total requirement of krishna delta and nagarjunasagar right canal is 22000 cusecs i unable to understand when godavari delta requires 1200
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