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  1. LoL , kannadigas i know says he is worst CM of all time.
  2. 1 differnce is CBN gave for real and Jaffa stuff will only be confined to statement like KCR.
  3. Exactly. It should be some other issue. Even DB shouldn't allow to save 2 with same.
  4. Isn't world turning into sand because of deforestation ? At least that's what I know
  5. i saw them closely. they feel christian need to be CM, then only they can convert more people. pastors also brainwash who goes to churches , they are funded by them
  6. all converted batch belongs to new cast , prabhuvu cast. CBN even though wont get single vote always run after them and tries to prove something which doesnt make sense.
  7. AP lo govt tho kaliparu ga
  8. not only farmers, everyone need to give. registration ki kooda value lo percentage ivvali lekapothe pani avvadu
  9. ittantollu ooriki iddaru chalu, naakinchi parestaru
  10. arent they supposed to be shifted to secretariat building? my uncle is government employee in headquarters. he said he will be shifted to main office by 2022. As jagga stopped works , it might be late now.
  11. raviprakash run chestunnadu annaru ee website and handle ega
  12. on what basis is it calculated . even beggars are eating biryani's these days from what i see. to donate food in any orphanage or old age home, we literally need to make prior appointment and wait for our turn which could take upto 2 months. How did this index fall down
  13. loL ee XXXXX gadiki burra lo gujju em undadu la undi . jagga gadu kukka boothu tittukoni untadu
  14. Democracy and freedom of speech gave birth to so many sickulars in India and the result u see now is frustration of others on those sickulars