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  1. vedki kaka poyina jaggadki ayna siggu undali join chesukodanki
  2. vizag thatichetlapalem la undhi
  3. driver basi Reddy conductor mangal reddy
  4. playing all kind of caste equations
  5. velladu CBI ni state lo BAN chesthadu kavali ante emi chesukontaro chesukondi ante saripodhi
  6. jaggga nooooo care abt it, naa sommu emi poyundhi ani vadhilesthadu AP fibernet will be shutdown and show it as failure project
  7. i dont know why papers stating 12 rs for thermal and 5-7 rs for wind and solar and hidal power
  8. state purchase chesedhi 5 rs ki . power plant annedhi 1.40 rs ki grids states ki 5 rs and direct commercial ki 12 rs dhaka isthundhi. state govt small scale industries ki 6 hrs free and agriculture ki unlimited ga 60 rs per month ki isthundhi. grids ki electrical boards ki staff maintenance and infra ki aa margin untundhi. tell me if anything wrong
  9. rainy/winter season lo ela unte summer lo power holiday esthadu emo
  10. baaga talk vinapaduthundhi mla ki resign chesi ysrcp lo joining ani . but will be mlc and KK Raju will contest again as mla anta. Ekkada aythe TDP ki leader ne ledu mari
  11. not passed away anta but serious antunnaru
  12. patience is the main key here, anyways need of young blood is really required ninna governor ni kalavadanki vellina batch and valla age chudandi. atleast every district heads ayna below 40 unte bavunnu oka 30 memebers ni mundhugane baaga establish cheyyali for next time
  13. auto drivers, taxi drivers ki uniform untundhi truck driver ki kuda undhi those who drive commercial vehicles should wear unifor