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3 minutes ago, PP SIMHA said:

e sari matho patu Pk fans personal grudges unnayi etagu on kanna babu , dwaramudi , perni nani , ambati , duvvada .. Angry Kopam GIF - Angry Kopam Brahmi GIFs


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4 hours ago, VisionaryCBN said:

the above said names don’t have any shy…what hurts them most is financial aspects…hopefully they will be targeted ruthlessly using all possible means and hurt their financial resources and relationships.

i agree , e na ko lni  ma vangalapudi anitha vanty e correst , bt her seat is in tough fight .... min margin vstadi lekapothe podiii Brahmi GIFS - Page 3 - Andhrafriends.com

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3 minutes ago, GOLI SODA said:


exit polls will help to get better picture 

both state and central 

as of now all are claiming victory 

Ye polls ni nammedhi ledh. Waiting for sweet revenge on June 4th :pray:

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