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TRS bathuku

akhil ch

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20 minutes ago, akhil ch said:




Mi antha labour gallu undaru Ra ayya. 

2018 lo same script replaced Amaravati with Bangalore


Last time orders Amaravati nunchi ravali ani edisaru. Ipudu Bangalore ani. 



Intha chethakani kukkalani yennukunnaru ga Ra thu

Amaravathi work ainattu Bangakore asalu work avadu enta try chesina

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36 minutes ago, Nfdbno1 said:

BRS will ensure power swings within their family and kavitha comes safe even after multiple other state leaders and nonpolitical people got arrested..

inthaki okadu approver ayyi, ttd board member kuda ayyadu annaru, ninamena!!

Yup. A2 gaadi Alludu brother anukunta 

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