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CBN Arrest


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ila Mandal headquarters and also major panchayaths lo kuda neutrals vachi join ayyela, youth n students vachela motivate cheyyali organize cheyyali.

Sagam election campaign ikkade ayipoddi manadi. Kagala karyam gandharvude teerchinattu...manaku ee rakshasudu teerustunnadu

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10 hours ago, rajanani said:


veedu ee letter chandra babu ki maddatu ga raasada leka babu ni inko rendu nelalu lopala unchela plan chesi veedi chetha ila raayinchaara aa dacoit & kachara gang ardam kaavatam ledu 🙄

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The reason for IT Employees are supporting CBN..

CBN role in today's Hyderabad's brand value :- 

HITEX convenion center - 2003

Deloitte -2002

IIIT -1998

Microsoft -1998

Google -2004

Oracle - 1998


Accenture -2003

NALSAR -1998

Gachhibowli sports village - 2002 national games.

Budhha statue - 1985.

Amazon - 2004

Genome valley - 1999 

Dell -2003

IBM - 2001

Cognizant - 2002

ISB - 2001


Deloitte  -2002

ORR & Shamshabad conceptualized and started work from 1999. 

Financial district - 2003

Without CBN, Andhra and Telangana still dependent on Dairy, Agriculture and you would never find #TELUGU people in IT space, just like you would never find a Bihari.

So, please stop hatred and have some introspection.

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