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Bolo bharath matha ki jai


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2 minutes ago, Sunny@CBN said:

Heritage sites are our culture and history. Strictly to be under govt control. Meeku maintain cheyatam chetakakapote digipovali vere vallu chestaru. 

Army ni kuda privatize cheste saripotadi ga...reliance or adani car funds tho army ni pampistaru war time lo 

Ippudu culture history ki jaruguthunna nashtam enti ikkada, they are maintained and presented better by Indian companies

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1 minute ago, Rajakeeyam said:

current world conditions lo 7% good, will increase with infra paying dividends in coming years, our economy recovered better than other countries with out using printing press like other countries did and struck in inflation. 

Irrigation projects always go slow, but still providing funds, for them jal jeevan mission is priority

China grew at 10% for 3 decades independent of global scenario. Stop giving excuses man. They always did something to fckup the economy 

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6 hours ago, adithya369 said:

PM & HM post la nu kooda outsource chesthe… poddiga 

alaa cheyyaalante rajyanga savarana cheyyaali. dhaaniki 2/3 majority avasaram. elections ban chesi  oka visionary tho country ni nadipinchavachu .  china laa develop cheyyavachu.

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12 hours ago, Chandasasanudu said:

just saying I am cery happy with private security..they are highly educated, behave well and trained to the best technology..may be should think to privatize army as well..for sure they would excel like dalmia in redfort


ee idea ni mygov lo post cheyyandi. mee idea nachithe mee peru, mee idea ni  mann ki baat lo chepthaadu.

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