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JP narayana interview by Nag Vasireddy| Amaravthi24x7|

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31 minutes ago, Chandasasanudu said:

@BalayyaTarak nee korika meraku interviewer kooda kanpaduthunnadu....hapyy na

హమ్మయ్య, కనెక్ట్ అవ్వగలం మనుషులు కనపడితే 


ఇంతకి నేను తప్ప ఎవరూ అడగలేదా

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Mastaru to be honest, not impressed with interviewer model.


Felt lack of confidence in questions to JP. May be he might having a ton of respect/devolution to JP.  He is not cutting when required. So many topics madhyalo JP “idi taruvata cheppukundam” annaru, not attended to those points. Edo oka elocution lo topic ichi matladu annattundi sir interview.

aa 3 member model lo questions are far better and the way of interviewing is also good.

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