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Modi gaadi tears drama

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33 minutes ago, Nfan from 1982 said:

Waiting for UP elections. That will be start to change in game 

I do not think so brother 

bcz they are going with 2D strategy ie weakening opposition and raising emotions in people...

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2 hours ago, akhil ch said:

All Chinese apps should be banned atleast voluntarily bro

Why? Japanese Korean decent products so price pettochu.. ..manollu make in India bongu boshanam ani cheppi sub standard products anni high rates pedtunnaaru...enduku konaali cheppu? Aa ban chesina lafoot gaadu maatram imported brands vadochaa? 

Aa Chinese gaadi products price ki mana vaallani kooda ivvamanandi...enduku konaru janaalu? Desh keliye dharm keliye ani nuv nenu xxxxx naaki polem kada

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