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  1. Yes Very very bad situation for bank employees... no one(govts) is looking after them.. but at least bank organisations ayina self ga vaccination drive laga conduct chesthe better emo rather than depending
  2. @NTR_Sachin For being helpless alone is like killing inside. I definitely cannot feel the level and intensity of pain and suffering both inside and outside of yours and all the healthcare professionals in addition to the suffocating PPE kits all the time and waking up every morning and repeating over and over... I pray god to give you and your family all the strength required
  3. Ade babu garu Zamindar’s ki saamanyulaki unna theda
  4. Live broadcast in TV 5 : announcement made now today expecting 1,00,000 people it seems
  5. In the gallery now,,, Amazing crowd ... mid day sun ni kuda Lekka cheyadam ledu superb atmosphere here...
  6. Cyclone warning (18 to 20 oct) annaru ga, any update brothers
  7. Ala hills Ki bezzam padi water flow ayyindi kabatte bezawada ani peru kuda vachindi antaru
  8. "Expectations set cheyyatam lo big failure manavaallu" +1 Ground lo evaru anta speed ga expect cheyatledu, anavasaram ga manavalle cheppi,, point chese opportunity istunaru
  9. dravidict uncle,, I don't knw with whom there are planning and with what methods but it seems unrealistic to me,, monna March Ki Durga gudi flyover ayipovali annaru,, next August Ki Ayithe maku Maha prasadam
  10. S,, the less we talk the better it is reg quality when u force deadlines without proper designs, approvals etc in time..
  11. Harsh deadline forced on contractors. Should have planned for next year with these type of construction methods.
  12. Vijayawada square will be a space to have exhibition, book fair and all other public events of present days too. It will have a large elegant space for public gathering of around 17,000. 3 times bigger than the present capacity. Vijayawada square will have city gallery and underground parking too.. Above are tweets by veerapandian VMC commissioner
  13. My #twitter age is 256 days 2 hours 53 minutes 38 seconds. Find out yours at http://twitter.seocoder.org/ #twittertime