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  1. canal widening not possible due to land acquisition problems, only canal bund possible. canal lining need not be disturbed for canal bund
  2. in case of polavaram left canal we need permission from nhai/railway to dig canal and build bridges. polavaram left canal has no role in nsp right canal project. polavaram right canal earth work completed , lining work is pending. in general bridges at canal will be built at greater height . raising canal bundling won't cause any problem. no additional permissions required sometimes listening to opposition/neutral also helps cbn . if these works starts now it will take at least 1 year to complete. by that time elections will come. we are missing crucial season before elections. if c
  3. yes this suggestion was given by farmer leaders to cbn/devineni long back . some people in the db saying it is cbn invention they suggested following steps 1. increase polavaram right main canal capacity , by raising canal bundling 2.build vykuntapuram barrage 3. lift water to nsp right canal cbn woke up now. cbn implementing step 2 & 3
  4. http://www.primepost.in/use-godavari-water-to-benefit-rayalaseema-experts-tell-ap-govt/
  5. center thinking about build dam after confluence of indravati below kaleshwaram , i think he is talking about akinepalle . akinepalle -> nagarjuna sagar -> somasila -> cauvery he also want to use polavaram backwater
  6. aai (airport authority of india) known for shoddy construction in chennai and kolkata airports . we can't take risk by giving bhogapuram airport to them. gmr/gvk best for this job.
  7. canals are permanent solution. pipes needs to be replaced after some years . if some jaffa breaks pipes again we have to repair. it is sheeer waste of money. canals are cheaper compare to pipes. atleast in godavari-penna link cbn should use canals instead of pipes. sometimes conventional methods are better than modern methods. any way we lost hope on modi&co. cbn can't rely on these guys. cbn needs to build canals at discharge capacity of 92,000 cusecs, which makes state drought free. cbn work will be remembered forever.this is once in lifetime project like polavaram.
  8. death and taxes are certain . no body can change that . many things are out of our control. government waste money on many useless schemes,unviable projects, statues(ambedkar, jyothy rao pule, ntr ,ysr or any other leader). atleast in this situation some poor people are getting houses. poor doesn't mean lazy. poor people do menial jobs like milk vendor, labour, plumber,carpenter,sewage cleaner ......... . these people provide essential services which make city livable .
  9. acquire land now and reserve it for future airport . once airport comes at mangalagiri there will be lot of restrictions on buildings/apartments height in capital.
  10. mana badluck , coffer dam delay avvakundaa vunte ee season lo , pumping cost taggedi . polavaram rmc 17500 cusecs carry chesedi
  11. jaitley alloted 1 crore for river linking . so we can't rely on center . ap needs have to arrange funds for this project, by reducing allocations to welfare,roads or any other wasteful expenditure
  12. https://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/010218/new-arrangements-to-ease-rayalaseema-water-woes.html
  13. http://epaper.eenadu.net/index.php?rt=email/viewemail&a=MjAxODAyMDJhXzAwNjEzNTAwMw==&V=SW1hZ2U=
  14. i pray to cbn not to implement nirudhyoga bhruti, as he can't satisfy all youth. it will create unnecessary problems to tdp.
  15. in this article kambhampati paparao telling that reservoir can be built at jalleru(which is near polavaram and papikondalu) , but state irrigation department suggesting reservoir bollapalle. advantage of reservoir at jalleru is canal can be built at less capacity. but wapcos/irrigation department choosing bollapalle. what is the disadvantage of jalleru?
  16. @AnnaGaru currently telangana and ap arguing before kwdt for water sharing. telangana arguing that 150 tmc is enough for ap following are telangana aruments 1. polavaram and pattiseema will take care krishna delta, so reduce 150 tmc from ap share 2. nagarjuna sagar left canal ayacut in ap can be taken care by chintalapudi lift irrigation , reduce some 40 tmc share 3. nagarjuna sagar right canal water can be supplied from pulichintala lift irrigation , reduce some 90 tmc share 4. ap capital construction reduce requirement of irrigation needs my question is on
  17. i asked for godavari water diversion to rayalaseema due to following reasons 1. alamatti height raise 2. telangana has control over srisailam left power plant, they are releasing water to nagarjuna sagar at their will 3. telangana constructing palamuru rangareddy with capacity 2 tmc per day
  18. @AnnaGaru is there any way to transfer godavari penna link water to velugodu balancing resorvior and pothireddypadu head regulator so that raayalaseema ayacut can reduce its dependence on krishna water . currently we are getting krishna water to srisailam in september/october . raayalaseema will miss kharif completely once alamatti dam height raised. if it is not possible to transfer water to velugodu and pothireddypadu ,do we have any better alternatives to send godavari water to handri neeva and galeru nagari
  19. even if they declare it as national project, we can't rely on bjp for funding as per our experience in polavaram. under nehru, indira gandhi time irrigation projects are constructed without thinking about political benefits. feku is apt title for modi.
  20. telagana after completing current projects at most they can utilize 6 tmc per day. if they utilize for 150 days, they need 900 tmc . but they want 1500-1600 tmc. godavari flows are good from july to october(120 days), how can they utilize 1500 to 1600 tmc . they simply obstructing the project.
  21. http://epaper.eenadu.net/index.php?rt=email/viewemail&a=MjAxODAxMjFhXzAwMzEzNTAxMA==&V=SW1hZ2U= http://epaper.eenadu.net/index.php?rt=email/viewemail&a=MjAxODAxMjFhXzAwNDEzNTAxMw==&V=SW1hZ2U=
  22. cusecs mean cubic feet per second. if 11500 cusecs is transferred continuously for one day , it is equivalent to supplying 1 tmc per day . in pattiseema they spend 1300 crore for 8500 cusecs
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