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  1. I got tomato for 30rs today directly from farmer who was coming to market, market lo 120 rate
  2. Very very sad to a see a person like CBN gaaru crying ....Pathetic fellows asalu, i was thinking why did he continue going to assembly after 2019 attacks ...But ivvala right decision , ippatikaina he has to start coming into public like how jagan did exactly 5 years back instead of wasting time in assembly
  3. Kalapadam enduku prove people ur better hindu party than BJP to consolidate votes, promise Anti-conversion bill , remove endowment people will vote you . BJP anyways doesnt have a leader prove ur leader for Hindus.
  4. It's not going with JSP or any other party , TDP should know who is their strong vote base and they should concentrate on them, i could see strong tilt in the communities who voted TDP even since 1983 in 2014 to 2019, main reason is either they felt ignored or been ideologically tilted towards other parties, if they can regain core voters that would be the greatest win, they shouldn't go to people who never voted them and offer them something, next is youth voters i think Lokesh has really been improved in the way he is speaking and I personally liked his work on 10th exams communicating with
  5. Mottham rastram antha wrst ee ga, btw how many days should a new road be laid ? Is there any policy for roads such?
  6. Hindupur lo 1984 nunchi 2014 varaku tdp ee , only last time YCP as MP....Please re check
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