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  1. I think sensex need a big correction... youth are pouring money into stocks as it is easy money....so it's bulllish...
  2. I am in Education Sector...JEE and NEET.... enrollments in coaching centres darunamga padipothunnayi..( Not aspirants)....Rajasthan KoTa, The Capital Of Indian Coaching Losts it's glory...we are expecting pay cuts in this sector in next quarter....first time in 13 years of my career ( COVID is an exception)...last six months antha elections Hadavudi...now situation is getting clear...we are in Recession.
  3. Infact mana party lo oka post kuda ledu.. because both guys are from YCP earlier.
  4. Vinukonda incident is counterproduct for Jagan. ON the way lo TDP flexis Anni damage chesukunta vellaru....janalaku cheedara tengindi...
  5. It's been a month I opened lappy...can I open it not?
  6. Not every ITR its based on CASS an alogorithm by Computer
  7. Its in developed ventures not just farm land.
  8. Core Capital Area…Rates in 2018 to 2023 are same. At least 12 interest vesukunna they have the right to almost double the price. CRDA remaining areas Vijaywada and Guntur lo prices can rise up to 50% with 8% interest. It’s their right to increase as they have already lost.
  9. Gosala: 13 KM from Benz Circle. Vijayawada East Bipass Will Not go through Gosala as alignment changed . It will be from Davuluru toll plaza ( 20 KM from Benz Circle). Patamata, Kanuru, Poranki are Saturated. At present happening areas are Penamaluru, Gosala, Kankipadu which are between Bipass and Benz Circle. In Gosala before election 20 to 25 K per sqyd. Now 35 to 40 K running. Safest place to invest near NH-16 areas.I bought 2 BHK( 45 lacs) and 3 BHK ( 60) lacs last year. At present 60 lacs and 80 lacs running. Upcoming five years are golden period.
  10. Imagine if it is YCP government
  11. I am proud of you dear Lokesh
  12. Inka sakkaga retire ayipondi
  13. Car Registration GJ: Gujarat...feeling interesting
  14. Releasing white papera is also a political act against opposition
  15. Then why they open temple ....without completing...NEET Paper Leak, NET paper leak and now Temple roof leak.
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