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  1. hey sussu is an emotion...ah rojullo sussu glamour mamuldi kadu
  2. Covaxin kuda vesaru but limited
  3. Heard many side affect stories regarding covishield......covaxin was more reliable
  4. neekendukura old cuck sirio...nee inner feelings vadu bytaki seppad anthega
  5. Inka chustannara....eh matram shy and egg leni fans Indian fans 😂😂
  6. Ante Gurram uncle is a hidden fan of cunny anamata
  7. AUS XXXXXXX mamulu sudi kadu 2021 T20 world cup toss appude result decided now also same.......mana rod maname dinchukunnam comedy ga
  8. No uncle max 270....manaki cake walk iyyedi as pitch eased out in second innings clearly
  9. Need to identify x factor players...not walking ducks like iyer
  10. Urgent ga MSD ni coach and Yuvi or gambhir ni batting coach cheyali....we need their expertise...
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