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  1. Last lo real Jagan vachinappudu super undi scene
  2. Please wake up….. I partly agree with this statement before 2019. post 2019, after all the atrocities on Dalits, TDP failed to penetrate deep into this votebank. Asalu mana main leaders pakkana Dalits rare ga untaru….. kalupukoni pothe slow ga change vastundi…. Mahasena, Kolikapudi are good things happened to the party. Mahasena seat vishayam lo pedda mishap chesam. Oka pedda sabha petti we are behind Mahasena ani oka message ichi gelipinchukovalsina candidate….. these things will have impact for sure! coming to Muslims, 2014-2019 madhya lo manam chesinantha evaru cheyyala. Manam chesina Danilo jagan 10% kooda cheyyalaaa…. Ayina fail ayyamu to penetrate into this section. Who are our Muslim leaders in party ? Name 3 or 5 people ?
  3. Roads lo gunthalu and background lo mondi chetlu missing
  4. Why Jagan gave some post to Actor Ali ? Why did Jagan gave more seats to Muslims than TDP ? Few things has to be seen differently….
  5. Its failure of TDP to create awareness in minority votebank. Remember one thing, we did a lot to Muslims between 2014-19. Jagan did nothing! But our leaders failed to take this to the minority people. who are your strong minority leaders within party ? Why are we not grooming someone who can conduct minority meetings and explain them in their language ?
  6. Real Jagan ki recheekati undaa ?
  7. Inko angle undi….. Godavari district lo JSP pothu kavali ani ekkuva pressure pettina batch ki seats cut chesara ? Leka leader deggara metakaga unna batch ki cut chesara ?
  8. Ganni Veeeanjaneyulu is West Godavari district president. Ayanaki ticket ivvakunda hand icharu antey too much
  9. Narasapuram Anaparthi worst decisions. Anakapalli and Vizag North lo BJP will not win now. Worst decisions as well! Tirupati is also bad choice. Puran Aunty RJY ah ? Polavaram em peekarani villages lo votes padatayi ?
  10. Guys, journalists don’t have party affiliations unless they are hardcore fans. EOD they are employees and seek better growth in career like everyone of us. how management dealt with them is also key. Lot of things to consider before jumping the gun.
  11. Nallamilli ki ticket ivvakapovadam big negative. Remember Anaparty lo CBN yatra time lo Nallamilli handled it great way!
  12. DM chesa bro plz check once
  13. Paid news veyinchukuntunnadaaa chivariki….. hathavidheeee….!
  14. Reservation gives them a chance to rise above their level. i used to think just like you until i had few friends who faced it. And when I move abroad, I faced racial discrimination first hand and then only realized how painful it is for some sections living in India. cheppa kada….. we will have strong opinions against reservation system and keep supporting our belief. One day when we know what the discrimination means, then we will realize.
  15. Nothing will fail. This is new norm. Previous decades lo women talented unna men domination tho no promotions. Now things are different and corps will work accordingly. btw Natu - feel pity for those who join in your team as freshers. Looks like you have no empathy. Everyone will have learning curve and unless the leader give them a chance to fail and succeed, they don’t shine. Try to be a leader!
  16. Oka sari velli dalita wada lo batakandi…. Or if you have some close friends in SC or ST you will know the pain
  17. We fall to the narratives of pushpins 🤣🤣
  18. Ego batch kastha cool down avvandi….. monna Chilakalooripeta meeting ninna RRR ticket these two things exposed BJP nexus with YCP. TDP and Sena needs strong reasons to field rebels. Antha mana manchike!
  19. Oka TDP Forum lo naa gurinchi pichi pichi gaa koosaaru kontamandi…. he is talking about some folks in our DB!
  20. BJP symbol meeda gelavatam antha easy kaadu. Unless INC cuts decent vote from YCP in that seat. Cannot rule out Nota!
  21. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0TFw8vJveV/?igsh=MXhqMm5tMjFnOG0xeA== Ilanti speech ah ?
  22. I want two helicopters…. You know who’s the second one for!
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