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  1. Bodia ilaaa raaledemo le….. Atleast media ni face chesina I will adore Bodia for 1 day!
  2. Good dedication from this batch… politics aside, Jaffa ki against ga Velladam antey not that easy…. most of them has police cases….
  3. Make in India lion emayindi….. ayyooo pushpins….
  4. Perfectly explained! But Bhakts missing in this video!
  5. Desaniki daridram ee Pushpaaalu…… worst XXXXXXX….. only Aadani is benefitting from Pradaani….
  6. Paada yatra is the only popular thing….. cycle yatra antey Tyre puncture ayinaa, chain padipoyina ready ga untaaaru trolling ki…..
  7. Antha scene ledule south lo….. Oka pakka KA poyelaaa undhi….. TG vachinaa vallaki no happies….. there won’t be stable govt in TG for next decade….
  8. Do not blindly believe any communal allegation…. That’s the seeds BJP guys sow initially. The moment you nod the head, they start Preaching like church pastors! No difference at all!!
  9. Categorize Muslims based on their financial status. Make sure you have govt schemes for those who are eligible. That will resolve this polarization and benefit the community in long run.
  10. Modi Geedi is only assumption on our side….. main reason is financial thing. We see them as a religion based, but in AP there isn’t much religious divide between Hindus and Muslims. Most of the Muslims do labor work that happens at ground level. Financially, they are no different than our BC brothers.
  11. Ok…. Why majority of Muslim community goes with Jagan? as they think Jagan never goes with BJP? or YSR did something for them ? TDP is missing one point here. Majority of Muslims in AP are below middle class to poor class. Only few of them are “rich” and self sufficient. TDP has to see this as one of the economically backward community. I have some Muslim friends in Eluru who work as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, taaapi work etc., most of them vote for Jagan. The only reason they gave —> Jagan vastey maaaku endho kontha istaaaadu…. you wi
  12. Prateeedi nammalemu….. alaaaney prateeedi anumaaaninchalemu kooda….. we should take everything with a pinch of salt and caution!
  13. How does surveys matter when center collided with Jaffa and arm twisted elections ? How many TDP leaders are forced to join YCP just before elections ? TDP should concentrate on booth level agents….. that’s where we lost badly last time
  14. 100 smart cities, Saagaramaala, river linkage… hahahaha
  15. ABN should be appreciated for conducting this debate! Hope they do more such things than meaningless spokespersons opinions!
  16. Chintakayala Vijay handling iTDP….. if anyone should be blamed, he is the one for SM failures!
  17. Ilantivi TVs lo dabbulichi ayinaaa Ads ga veyinchaaali…. Theaters lo kooda….
  18. Before 2014, it was entirely different.
  19. people who are managing TDP official handles and iTDP etc., too much opportunistic and too much self centered untunnaru…. not owning the people who are raising voice against govt….. when YCP was in opposition, they collected every bit and projected against us!
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