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  1. Vaccines bogus anadam correct kaaadu….. it’s exaggeration to be honest. Vaccine’s efficacy against new variants should be questioned. If you remember, pFizer and Moderna etc are coming up with boosters to overcome this…. Some vaccines will not be effective against all variants…. One by one will be exposed, it’s only matter of time.
  2. Wave 2 mundhu koodaaa ilaaaney chepparu mana batch….. cut chesthe power play aaadindi COVID
  3. I don’t think he will take any action….. they will let it pass through the country and let millions die…. Show very less numbers to the world and divert all attention with something else….. #Achedin
  4. Let me put my personal experience….. I got some viral a month ago, got tested for flu and COVID and in both results I got negative. Tested for COVID multiple times with 48 hours gap, always got negative. It too me 2 weeks to recover from viral. cut chesthey, last week oka gathering ki vellamu, my brother, his wife and my wife all got COVID positive. I also tested and and got negative. I am assuming that as I got antibodies of one virus and body has some immunity, the weak COVID strain couldn’t Pierce through…. but, normal viral vachaaaka, I am back to Normal health. Bu
  5. Deadly variant ayyi untundi….. never take this virus for granted. There is no vaccine which will Guard you 100% on this. It may take more time to get such vaccine. A deadly variant is only few months away anytime….
  6. GoMoootram overdosage side effects kanipistunnayi ee thread lo…..
  7. Personally I still feel TDP should go alone…..
  8. INC states lo strong unna koodaaa center lo Sonia leadership skills meeda huge doubt undedi before 2004. Sonia road shows comedy ga undevi….. eppudu kanipistunna strength permenant kaaadu….. BJP was at its weakest post 2009 elections. But, few incidents back to back gave mileage to BJP. I agree, now the dusta dwayam are having media in iron grip and no story is surfacing. Let’s see…..
  9. go 2 decades back…. Vajpayeee tarvatha Advani… very strong leadership at second level….. inkaa chaala mandi unnaru ilaaaney…. Kaani 2004-2012 gaddu paristithi….. politics lo future easy ga predict cheyyalemu unless you clearly arm twist. Modi kanna Indira powerful….. chivariki emayindi ?
  10. Mundu manollu RIPTRS hash tag trend chesthe Bhale untundi….
  11. Eppatiki appudu fresh ga nammey youth untaaaru…..
  12. Taggede le…. Annattu undaaaali Vellatho….. manaki Hindi avasaram ledu…. Vaaadu South ki vastunnadu potta kooti kosam…. Vaaadu nerchukovaalaaa manam nerchukovaaalaaa ?
  13. North valla mocheti neeellu batch ni south lo monna mana GVL ni aaavu tanninattu naaalugu tannakapothe ilaaagey behave chestaaaru……. Hindi is never a national language and cannot be national language for our country. mundu Jana gana mana, sare jaha se acha lanti songs change cheyyandi….. appudu Hindi ni national language pettandi…..
  14. Deeeeni xxxxxx idhi Hindi vallaki gulam giri cheyyatamey kaakunda South MP ni egataaali chesindi…… aah speaker okadu….. emi digajaaarchaaaruraaaaa……..
  15. Petrol bunk, current meter etc are also electronic systems. Kaaani manaki doubt vaste racha racha chestaaaam….. EVM meeda doubts raakoodadu….!
  16. Auditing leni system oka mockery! BJP gelisindi….. congress kooda chestundi in future…. who invented “using governors to destabilize state govts?” congress started this and BJP is also using this. Governor system meeda nammakam poyindi….. same with EC! India lo man power lekanaaa ? Auditing enta sepu padutundi ? May be a week ? It’s worthy investment to do strict auditing to restore faith in democracy.
  17. There are busy searching YouTube for “buffalo hits TDP leader”
  18. So Vizag lo meetings antey CBN will attend? Jagga has to check speech schedules and plan when CBN speech is not there
  19. Suppose per suppose, TDP govt lo ilaaage Communist MP letter raaasi untey, YCP pandaga cheskoni nationwide negative publicity chesedi….. manollemo nittooooruataaaru…..!
  20. He he….. adhey baaavi lo undu….. accountability lenappudu….. same thing will contaminate every system! One day it will come to your door step in a different form!
  21. 100 cr kosam state govts kakkurthi padataaayaaa ? Laksha kotlu dochina vaaadini dattata teeskunnaru……
  22. Employees least bothered about salaries…. Lekapothe ee paatiki road meedaki vachevaaaru….
  23. Telugu jaaatiki pourusham chachinaaa ee gadda meeeda pasuvulalo ah pourusham inkaaa undi ani prove ayindi…..
  24. RIP TRS ani trend seyyatamey…
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