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  1. Jadeja should have come in place of Patidaar. Wrong strategy.
  2. Enduku……. Pratee movie lo ladies pattu cheeralu nagalu vesukoni movie antha edusthu undatamegaaa
  3. Top brass mindset is worst….. previous England visits to India choosthey 4-1 or 3-1 tho gelichaam….. first 3 days batting and last 2 days spinners anedhi mana tradition….. pichi pulka BCCI planning….. too worst ga chestunnaru pitches
  4. State has to bear the costs for the benefits of its own people
  5. Reverse swing ki chance undi…… Anderson is their only bet for that. Manaki Siraj unnadu in the absence of Bumra
  6. Ma company lo past few years gaa multiple acquisitions jarigaayi….. first 2 years they didn’t fire. But merges happened and later on they fired. even when they rebadged some section of our company to Infy, the condition is they shouldn’t fire them for 1 year…. not sure if there is some federal rule which protects employees from getting fired when merge happens
  7. Daniki oka pichi rule pettaru….. not straightforward working on receipt like H1
  8. You cannot work on a H4 EAD reciept.
  9. Correct annai….. views anedi jujubi….. 1 lakh views ravochu kaani watch hours lekpothe it’s not real viewership. servers petti hit kodithe views vastaaayi….
  10. Upma uncle cheppedi serious ga teeskuntunnavaa ?
  11. Simple - upload some selfie video in your private YouTube channel and share it to 10 friends. Just ask them to click and view for few seconds and close. your video will get the views…. But when you go to YouTube studio, it will show how many watch hours your video generated. That’s the accurate number
  12. 80 crore views antey…. Assuming if everyone watch the film completely, there is a potential for 160-200 crore watch hours….
  13. 1 min choosinaa views kinda count avvuddi. vaadiki G lo dare untey, watch hours pettamanu
  14. H1 extension appudu joint ga file chesamu in premium processing. H1 got approved in less than a week and H4 along with EAD got approved in 20 days time
  15. They will not do immediately. May be after a year or so
  16. Workload management. He is crucial for the T20 WC as well.
  17. 80+ overs bowling with high intensity and fielding for almost whole day. It’s not easy
  18. They should use the term “economic collapse” than recession. Entire world will see this, konni countries early ga choostayi konni late ga choostaaayi anthe tedaa.
  19. Every warrior will have a weak tendon or Achilles heal. Jagga gadiki Sharmila weak point as she is his own sister one way, he is doing right thing by remaining silent. Ignoring Sharmila is more potential than reacting to her (from YCP PoV) coming to TDP and fans, sit back and enjoy. Just hold your $hit
  20. Each box has 8 triangles. Three boxes so 24.
  21. Famous love stories have sad end anukotame
  22. Australia did this brand of cricket….. going for win…. Even SA did it when they have Donald and Pollock in peak form. WI also went for the win when they have their best times. edho velle Eureka laaaga build up and books kooda estunnaru
  23. They should do horses for courses. Have couple of batsman who plays conventional and have rest of them play aggressively. Forget this term “baaaaazzzzBaaaaaaaal” edho speed ga aadatam velle kanipettinattu….. people like Sehwag, Gayle, warner etc used this tactic long time ago…..
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