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  1. less than one lakh per annum and that too organized sector…. Alaaa ayithe one month salary around 8k kadaaa ? How come they are showing 15k ?
  2. Dei…… enta mandi untaaaru raaa organized sectors lo…… meeru mee musti schemes. tax returns ivvalsindi families undi jobs chestu taxes kattevallaki
  3. Amaravathi Polavaram ivi rendu complete chesi country ki oka message ivvandi….. non Gujju state lo chesthe janaalu kastha nammutaaaru….
  4. Hindu-Muslim divide inka work out avvadu le…… state level lo kooda work out avvadu….. KA, Kerala, Telangana proved it. the more you use this, the more deep you will go down in these states (MH, Goa, Bengal, Bihar, Haryana, UP)
  5. sskmaestro


    Kota okkaade jagan time lo open ga cheppadu….. eppudu so called powerful speeches istunna batch mouth shut cheskunnaru
  6. sskmaestro

    KL Rahul

    Remember who opened for RCB in first season? Vallatho polisthe better
  7. sskmaestro

    KL Rahul

    Lower order lo aadithe ok….
  8. Maa company lo Malla Voluntary Seperation package offer chesaru….. they did this in 2018. And doing again now. I strongly believe, higher interest rates are the primary culprit
  9. Asalu aaame niyaaamakame pedda planned ga jarigindi ani vastondi….. looks like she didn’t even get the req marks for a ST. Emeni handpick chesi appoint chesaru…. Looks like that lawyer is long term friend of this lady
  10. INC vallatho comparing ah! Manam pisikkune lopu vallu viral chestunnaru
  11. Andulo enni fake users ? Monna edho official analytics di vachindigaaa
  12. Back injury ayyi recovering time lo idhi
  13. Ganguly -> Gambhir -> Dhawan and now Jaiswal. What a gap between these players. We can say all these belong to different generations completely! India badly need a leftie at the top. Be it Jaiswal or Abhishek
  14. Hopefully he plays like Shikhar Dhawan in ICC tournaments…. We are missing a leftie at the top order!
  15. Gambhir valle Dhoni 2 WCs gelichadu antaarugaa….. then with same logic Kohli valle Rohit kooda gichaadu ani conclude aeyyaremiti?
  16. 2007 T20WC final and 2011 ICC WC final victory ki Gambhir ki credit iche batch…. 2024 T20WC final victory ki Kohli ki enduku credit ivvaru ? Why this double standards ?
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