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  1. They are enjoying the benefits now. Now they have another reason to troll, which is Amaravathi.
  2. These guys will help increase CBN’s majority.
  3. You are correct! These folks never agree that CBN created brand Hyd and CBN boosted IT sector in AP.
  4. I tried for few folks….. common connecting point is Mega fanism!
  5. Manaki Congress leaders eh gathi anamaaata….. so that statement “RSS will create leaders at every level” is pure myth!
  6. They do that with pride! Common thing is hatred on CBN. they 1ick YSR, Sirio, KCR, Modi, Jagan and Pawan… they generally don’t stick to one person…. That’s their nature.
  7. It’s their inherent nature to hate someone. You don’t need GA or Sakshit…. I have few in my circle who belong to same caste of CBN but hate him to the core!
  8. Same IT lo hatred onti nindaaa nimpukunna batch kooda unnaru….. some of them roam in this DB too…!
  9. Russia attacking Ukraine and China attacking Taiwan could be in same time frame post US mid elections ani naa feeling
  10. We cannot blame people like Undavalli and Nageswar….. During 2000-2010, people from TDP used to effectively counter or debate with them. now a days, we are not seeing this proactively from TDP. That’s where the problem lies!
  11. Whatever bro….. Lokesh and Tarak will be grandsons any day….. it’s NBK who is the heir of NTR…. Lokesh May be projected as future leader of TDP. But when it comes to Nandamuri family, NBK is still the head after NHK’s death. Atleast in public perspective. NBK’s silence will only project him a reel hero. He deserves something else than remaining silent. I might be wrong! In future it will be proven that NBK did right thing by remaining silent. I wish that day comes!
  12. Ok…. Kasepu Jr ni pakkana pettandi….. I always feel it’s NBK’s pitch to bat now…. But people are expecting Jr to do the batting…. 2 time MLA, chance of becoming party president and CM candidate in future and also the heir of Sr NTR by all means. NBK silent ga undatam correct kaaadu….. this is 3rd incident (Brahmini meeda aropanalu, Bhuvaneswari and Lokeswari gaari meeda, now NTR university name change) Tarak silent ga unna parledu given that he is away from politics…. Balayya should not remain silent ani naa feeling…. P.S : don’t take this negatively. I ha
  13. Expect chesaaa……. Hopefully RK will ask few questions which all of us have from long time…..
  14. Ask the victims of terrorists during Modi1 era…. Mana daaaka raaaledu anthe…..
  15. Ok…. I got a point here…. If you hear same words from NTR, your perception will be different. Reading the text, it don’t carry same emotion.
  16. KCR given lot of projects to KVP son!
  17. Falthu gaaadu anaaaali…..!
  18. Gif maaarchu….. ahem…. Username marustaaav anukooo Malli…..
  19. Gone prakash news ni nammutunnaraaa sodarulu ? Last time he challenged something in TS and apologized in 2 days saying he got wrong info….
  20. TDP vallu evadni Kummaru ? Addamaina vaaagudu vaaagina Idly Eerraju ekka kooda peekalaaaa
  21. Oho….. naaa fav Professor ah….. neee aaanandam…… admin access tho login ayyi check chesuko….. enno sarlu eeedini tittanu…..
  22. Oka TS person making money discussing AP things…. Amaravathi raitulu chandalu vesukoni…. Ah kaaasulu Prof Nageswar ki pampaaaali….. Ilaaa AP lo multiple places nunchi ee Prof ki chillara viraalaaalu pampi… media lo statement vadalaaali….. ayyaaa prof…. Telangana vaadiki AP tho pani enti ? Daily maaa peru cheppukoni potta nimpukuntubnav ani…..
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