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  1. They are doing the right thing…… YCP is picturizing Vihari as drug addict and drunkard.
  2. Simple….. drug test cheyinchukoni white challenge pass avvatame….. silent unnaru antey something fishy ani confirm avvalsivastundi
  3. BC should contest and win and finally retire. That’s his personal goal anukunta and we should respect
  4. Even in 2016 the score line is 4-1 in our favor but it’s a har fought series. Bazzball lekunda they won a series in 2012. Inka ee IF someone had played well anedi pratee series lo common excuse for every side who is losing
  5. Results to others laaaga undi….. they are at the bottom of the test table
  6. iAussies used to talk in same tone but they changed after we started winning test series in Aussies. o England also follows the same once when win back to back test series in Eng
  7. Cheppaaaga BaaaaazBaaaaaal ani L lo hadaaavidi tappa no use ani….. their standing in WTC is a clear indication of the output of Baazbaal. Generally, people call it reckless cricket if we don’t play according to the conditions and respect opposition.
  8. Adhey kada……. Oka rakamaina sadistic mindset le valladi
  9. It’s not as simple as you conveyed here. Russia tho war is imminent due to the resources Russia is sitting on. It’s inevitable. But can be delayed.
  10. Mana DB bhaktulu kooda Graphics ani nammarugaaa…… education and professional degrees/doctorates are a myth ani chala sarlu prove chesaaaru pushpins!
  11. Neee ooobi……. Mangalagiri lo matti neeeru marachembu undigaaa…… rammanu…… your twin brother GVL ni cow tanninattu egiri tantaaayi maa ongole cows
  12. Ward corporator is henchmen of Peddi Reddy or Chevi Reddy ?
  13. Small size war ayithe jarugutundi…… may not be WWIII
  14. Hail our democracy, judiciary and political nexus.
  15. Jewel should bat up the order. Surf Dora failed in this test after twin fifties in debut
  16. 5 runs at a time…. Smaller targets pettukoni undochu….. if you play too many shots you will get out!
  17. Papam eediki seni notlo untundi…… eedu em pedithe reverse avtondi in recent times
  18. Royal lanti scene Nagio ki ledu antunna
  19. antha Royal ayithe iddaru ammayilu enduku paaripotaaru ? (Akhil’s engagement got cancelled and Chai got divorced)
  20. Alaaa kaadu….. he is short of confidence. When Rohit is out, sending Jadeja means left-right combo and the likes of patidaar can play freely when target is below 50. (He should be dropped for next test no matter)
  21. Comedy antey Mangalagiri lo AIIMS virtual ga open seyyatam….. direct ga vache dammu lekapovatam
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