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  1. Resources waste cheyyakkarlee…… simple case….. center is playing drama!
  2. Valla WhatsApp group lo alert vastundi le….. don’t enter this thread ani….
  3. So eeevidaki jagggaaaadu official ga oka daaari choopisthey, kastha DB lo prime lady tag teesestaaaremo…….
  4. How many thousands of crores are wasted for this train model ? just adding few more Garibraths would have addressed the requirement right ?
  5. Monna Kolikapudi gattiga eskunnadu ee govt employees ni……
  6. “Organizational leadership” - note this point your honor!
  7. Extremist party and organizations….. what else can you expect ?
  8. Chello show aney Gujarat movie ni mana country nunchi official ga nominate chesaaaru….. ilanti empty words aka just words without actions kotha kaaadule…..
  9. This is one type of political employment
  10. Antaaaa okeeee taaaanulo mukkalu….
  11. Vja to Sec 4 hours ah ? Malli Brodiaaa ki Jai antaaaaru…… go moootram batch!
  12. Agreeing to all these sanctions == self neutering by McCarthy!
  13. Sai gaaadu kooda confirm chesaaadugaaaa
  14. Anam Into TDP? Valla brother already vocal in TDP kadaaa
  15. TDP should remain silent and try to expand itself in TS. Entha vasthe antha bonus. Once TS elections are over, then go all out against Jagan and BRS in AP.
  16. Okato saaari rendoo saaari moodoooo saaaari Republicans sweating it out!
  17. Em parledu….. govt employees deserve the leader to whom they voted with both hands!
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