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  2. we change the model..not anymore 3..flexible model lo chestham inka.. manavi antha glamorous mohalu kaadule soodataniki
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  4. mee 3 interviewer model vadaledaaa, andari mohalu chusevaaram
  5. హమ్మయ్య, కనెక్ట్ అవ్వగలం మనుషులు కనపడితే ఇంతకి నేను తప్ప ఎవరూ అడగలేదా
  6. @BalayyaTarak nee korika meraku interviewer kooda kanpaduthunnadu....hapyy na
  7. Banner board at bottom kaadu, asalu topics/db kinda chinna window lo vachaayi antunna... Nenu cheppedi npower cheppefi ade...Adi chustunte nfdb site la kaadu adv. hording la vundi antunna... Good if resolved.
  8. వాళ్ళు చేసే ప్రతి పనికిమాలిన ఆరోపణలకీ మనం డిఫెన్స్ లోకి వెళ్లి సంజాయిషీ ఇచ్చుకోవాల్సిన అవసరంలేదు. ఒకవేళ వాళ్ళ మనుషులకే ఇచ్చుకుంటే మాత్రం తప్పేంటి? గల్లా కుటుంబం వాళ్ళ కష్టార్జితం తో కంపెనీ నీ ఈ స్థాయికి తీసుకొచ్చారు. వీళ్ళు మాత్రం ప్రభుత్వ పదవులన్ని ఒకే కులానికి ఇచ్చుకోవచ్చా? చిరంజీవి కుటుంబం చేసేదేంటి? There is a limit for everything.Attacking mode లోకి వెళ్ళటమే మిగిలిన ఏకైక మార్గం.
  9. Board lo kuda social justice? Lol don't need to answer this this is public listed company
  10. Mr. Vijayanand S -Chief Executive Officer Mr. Venkat Madhav L- Executive Vice President Mr. Jagan Mohan G -Head , Manufacturing Operations Mr. Rajesh Jindal -Chief Marketing Officer, ASBU Mr. Jagadish M -Head , Technology Mr. Srinivasa Rao Ganga -Chief Marketing Officer
  11. Amar Raja Top Management అంత ఒక్కే కులం అన్ని అడ్డంగా బలిసి వాగుతున్న ఎర్రి వెదవలు కు Dr. Ramachandra N Galla, Non-Executive Chairman Mr. Jayadev Galla, Vice Chairman &Managing Director Mr. S Vijayanand, CEO Mr. S V Raghavendra, CFO Mr. M R Rajaram, CS
  12. Do you feel bad anytime for being the reason for the defeat of Bharat? If JD didn’t contest it’s a landslide victory for Bharat that time Why he changed his constituency from bheemili assembly to Vizag Loksabha??
  13. Jaffa tried to hit or hit him anta kadha interrogation lo
  14. Jagga siggu padu ra....AP nunchi amaraRaja ni vaddu anaduku.
  15. మాజీ మంత్రి దేవినేని ఉమకు బెయిల్‌ మంజూరు అమరావతి: మాజీ మంత్రి, తెదేపా సీనియర్‌ నేత దేవినేని ఉమకు బెయిల్‌ మంజూరైంది. కృష్ణా జిల్లా జి.కొండూరు పోలీస్‌స్టేషన్‌లో ఆయనపై ఎస్సీ, ఎస్టీ అట్రాసిటీ, పలు సెక్షన్ల కింద కేసులు నమోదు చేశారు. తనపై కావాలనే అక్రమంగా కేసులు పెట్టారంటూ దేవినేని ఉమ హైకోర్టును ఆశ్రయించారు. దీనిపై విచారణ చేపట్టిన ఉన్నత న్యాయస్థానం ఆయనకు బెయిల్‌ మంజూరు చేసింది.
  16. Justice delayed is justice denied, why CBI or our Indian judicial system takes so long durations for every phase and by the time verdict comes out most of the people will be near to death bed or released on humanitarian grounds due to age How does CBI function with officer in-charge changes in between a critical and crucial case investigation, mana S/W side oka resource change avtunte ney there are a lot of things to handover though most of the stuff is documented, being in the same system will these past officers be contacted if they need any information Where is he currently on h
  17. E questions ki answers naa deggara unnayi JD style lo Politically motivated kaadha ani asandharbham primafacy undi and e process court lo undi Let court decide why you and I had to judge 2nd question ki answer Ade cheppa ga court deggara undi e matter, lets court decide Courts ithe ikkada ekkada edo jarigindhi ani CBI ni investigate cheyyamandi and we did our investigation and submitted to court, lets wait for court decision 3rd question ki answer CBI ki konni protocols untaayi based on that only we act and did our investigation, filed the FIR
  18. all of them reddies. You can't expect most of them to have loyality towards Galla unfortunately.
  19. banner board at the bottom is a minor thing brother. It doesn't effect the actual problem. Npower bro problem is about the banner add on the top which is occupying half of the screen. any ways now issue is resolved quickly by Kiran bro. Thanks to him. Now this issue is no more.
  20. what is his message to the youth and how they should try to change the existing politics democratically ? what is his message to those who work in various Govt departments on how to cope up on pressures from the politicians and yet ensure that the rules are followed ? How they can bring the change ? What stopped him to join hands with Loksatta ? Does he still plan to do it ? What is his message to RS Praveen Kumar ? Why don't people who want to bring change come under one banner Loksatta ?
  21. Should affect share value of sbi...but not seen
  22. PK tho enduku kalisadu, enduku vidipoyadu?
  23. Wat could he have done different for 2019 election? He is passionate to do service and obviously aayana efforts pettuntaadu kadhaa... wat he think went wrong? wat he learnt from that? and same constituency aithee wat is he doing or different constituency aithee wat he is planning and implementing his learnigns from failure
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