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  1. it doesn't matter if its BJP or congress. its utter failure of systems like EC, Judiciary, home ministry and the External affairs.
  2. Shame that it took a decade to prove that he is not a citizen. Will the govt take back his salary?
  3. CBN is growing old and still haven't created his Image like YSR. He doesn't know how to do that. EX: Even most of the Heritage employees didn't vote for TDP this time. When TDP won in 2014 elections, the staff asked for a bonus. The management said business and politics are separate. When Jagan won this time, He gave 4 months bonus for Sakhi employees. These employees will work for a few years just remembering the 4 months bonus. Imagine the situation of Heritage employees now. it is unfortunate that TDP haven't learned how to project himself even after 2009. There are lot of flaws by TDP in the 2019 elections. even this DB was super confident that TDP is coming to power, but the reality is different. Admiration of CBN is fine, but we need to know the ground reality rather than just blindly supporting. we need to provide the inputs for correction.
  4. Gaali kaburlu ekkuva ayyipoyayi DB lo.
  5. Anyways your wish. stay alert and don't take even cold for granted.
  6. https://www.thehansindia.com/telangana/anti-dengue-homeopathic-medicines-available-at-42-ayush-hospitals-in-nizamabad-562535 I guess this is a better solution as Homeo doesnt have any side effects.
  7. TG never had Solar parks on Large scale. they have it in small areas, but distributed ...
  8. https://www.silversea.com/destinations/asia-cruise/chennai-to-yangon-9904.html
  9. How will they send iron through pipe line?
  10. Have been eagerly waiting for this...but disappointed.. These things happen when the officers don't understand the vision. Lokesh should have taken the full control over it.