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  1. Seems like he looking for job in Sakshi, He never utters a word against the wrong doings of YCP.
  2. you can complain to SEC tate Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar and Chief Secretary Aditya Nath Das inspected the call centre set up on the premises of the SEC office here on Thursday, and enquired about the redressal mechanism for complaints lodged via the number 0866-2466877 with the staff.
  3. Actually Ram Mohan Naidu should be given free hand to go aggressive on BJP. Being in defense mode doesn't help the party. What will CBN loose in this age? India is lacking a strong opposition.
  4. It is a good sign for TDP. Let them dominate now. Rayalaseema is different, most Non Reddy sections live with fear and they will show it out during the general election.
  5. Seems like you have edge on telecom industry, unfortunately the network companies are spending billions in 5G. TN is giving datacard , so it is mobile. TN is spending 25K for laptop with intel pentium processor. If this govt can bring Laptop with 18K, then it will compromise in quality and performance. Lets hope the younger generation benefits from these and marvel in their education. I would like to see how TN is faring as they have been giving laptops for a decade.
  6. Sorry to say, I disagree with you. When the kids start with Linux, they master in it in the early ages. Though we boast in IT, out contribution to Linux OS is very less. Have you seen Ubuntu OS/ Chormebook lately? they have all the needed tools for the kids. And regarding fibernet, I dont see it will survive in the long run. With 5g in the corner, Every operator will have their fiber cables to the Base stations and the latency with 5g is very less and have high speeds. We are lagging behind in 5G, because Ambani is releasing his product and our beloved PM is delaying the spectrum allocations. I welcome giving laptops to the kids, 4GB could be enough but there are alternative solutions like chrome book which use little resources. Linux is also cost effective: https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/how-switching-linux-based-free-os-saving-kerala-govt-schools-rs-3000-crore-101844 Karnataka @ http://www.ashwinraon.in/karnataka-govt-adopts-open-office-in-sarva-shiksha-abhiyan-program/ Tamilnadu@ https://puduvaiglug.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/free-laptops-from-tn-government-choice-of-operating-systems/ Since 2011 TN is providing free laptops to kids, where wass the revolution? And TN govt announced free 2Gb internet per day to kids. I guess they get it through the mobile operators. There are many solutions adapted by the neighboring states. Jagan is not the first. As per me CBN did a mistake by introducing windows, it could be an agreement with microsoft when it landed in HYD. I know how Bill Gates used to sell his product.
  7. Laptop with windows 10 , 4gb is ram is not sufficient. Actually the Kids should be provided with Linux OS/Ubuntu, so that they will explore more and will be cheaper. Everyone claims that we have good young generation, but the needed tools to excel are not provided part of our education. We still lag behind in hacking/security, IOT and startup's when compared to other countries though we boast we are good in IT.
  8. Guirella warfare emitoo....emanna sambhandam vunda..
  9. Peddayana should give away his party control to RMN. Instead he should focus on setting up a multi-dollar company on EV's or some Green Energy. He will definitely marvel in it as he has international contacts. When state is going bonkers with caste and religion, what is the use of wasting his time. He is not fit for current politics and doesn't need to degrade himself.
  10. Not only that, just make some videos and put it in youtube... in few months, it will have thousands of views.