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  1. BJP clean sweep ante...BJP will play dirty politics against Jagan...
  2. CBN knows tamil, I guess he can speak...
  3. 2009 lo raghuveerareddy kuda simillar..lost annaru but later win ani annaru..
  4. I am not a fan of Modi, I would like to know the reason why he won't come? Has RG succeeded in presenting that he is capable of being a PM ? Has the third front succeeded in presenting that X will be the PM ? if someone doesn't want Modi, who is the alternative. Unless the question is answered they will still vote for Modi. Modi is like KCR, who is controlling Media, how can we expect that he won't come? I see there is a need for a new party in the centre, not with the coalition. As there is no alternative we end with same ...
  5. not 4408, minimum 100 comapnies aithe vunnayi
  6. 4408 companies...seems like another gajan episode....
  7. TG never had Solar parks on Large scale. they have it in small areas, but distributed ...
  8. Eeyana ala pitthutu vuntadu..old age kada..lite tessukondi.
  9. Govt services streamline avutayi..corruption taggutundi...
  10. PK lite...Immature...Immaturity lo second brother professor aithe valla anna HOD. Veella valla AP ki paisa use ledu...
  11. like your positiveness towards Vizag. Let's hope for the best.