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  1. APDevFreak

    Brain drain 2.0

    Seems like this thread deviated. Why don't we have a fruitful discussion? Don't we need crypto currency? What about India infrastructure on it? Can't we regulate the currency? Block chain is one of the platform that Indian can use it software pool to develop a robust system. My point is, is the central govt focusing on it? What is India contribution towards it?
  2. APDevFreak

    Brain drain 2.0

    Crypto currency has advantages. China itself is developing infrastructure on it. We are lagging behind, unfortunately India is not into fintech too. It seems no one had idea where we are heading. China is also developing 5g related infrastructure. India is no where... People boast that we are developing country, but when we compare to west, Europe and some Asian countries we are no where. I also believe that Modi doesn't have brain to understand fintech, Blockchain and crypto. CBN is far better in it.
  3. APDevFreak

    Srisailam Project

    Why are they releasing water to Somasila? Nov and Dec rains will add flows to Somasila and Kandaleru. Instead, they should fill reservoirs in Anathapur.
  4. APDevFreak

    Kondagattu RTC Bus Accident

  5. APDevFreak

    kondaveeti vagu

  6. APDevFreak

    Srisailam Project

    Flows to NS stopped. Why don't they do some power generation and release water to NSRC. In September we will definitely have flows as the upper reservoirs are up to the brim.
  7. APDevFreak

    Safety,Strength,Standards of Durga flyover

    This is already discussed in some other thread a few months ago. Many are concerned about safety too. The main issue is the height and the bends and it is also going through the Krishna river and canals. I guess Delhi is already having 6 lanes flyover.
  8. APDevFreak

    Srisailam Project

    around 70k cusecs is released for power generation from both the sides to NS + plus few gates are open. on 21st I guess only 3tmc ended in NS I am also following the power generation through hydel. its realtime. but still water flows doesnt make sense. https://core.ap.gov.in/CMDashBoard/UserInterface/Power/PowerReport.aspx
  9. APDevFreak

    Srisailam Project

    potireddypadu gates ettesara? 1 SRISAILAM 885.00 28-08-2018 10:00 PM 884.1 210.51 1,75,773 1,88,426 2 NAGARJUNA SAGAR 590.00 28-08-2018 10:00 PM 576.7 273.54 1,28,841 11,877
  10. APDevFreak

    Excellent work everyone here

    Welcome brother..The P&D thread is like a drug. you will be soon addicted and will stop reading news from other sources. I am also here for the same reason. Andhra development.....NCBN...Irrigation
  11. APDevFreak

    Srisailam Project

    There are some flaws in the inflows and outflows rates. Even Minister Devineni asked for the report. Does anyone know why it's happening? if it's not supposed to reveal the info here, PM me.
  12. how will this finish by november?
  13. APDevFreak

    Vizag metro

    Gurudwara to kommadi 30.38 kms???? Gajuwaka?