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  1. APDevFreak

    OMG: KA Paul after nomination

    This guy will surely dent some hardcore Jagan votes..
  2. APDevFreak

    Tdp minimum seats

    More than all, Babu garu will alone fetch 10 to 25K votes in Assemble segments..
  3. APDevFreak

    pk education as per election affidavit

    They know that it will be revealed one day and they started propaganda that he read books...
  4. APDevFreak


    Why lifts needed , Pattiseema lifts can be used by releasing water downstream.
  5. Bihar vaallu pedda mafia.. they are lot biharis in central administrative services Whatever PK is doing is undemocratic. They will suffer one day.
  6. APDevFreak

    Amalapuram TDP MP

    Worst character..
  7. APDevFreak

    Flash - YS Viveka Murdered

    Repu governor ni meeting anta...
  8. APDevFreak

    Flash - YS Viveka Murdered

    This is clearly self-goal by Gajan. seems like they are trying to exaggerate the case and gain politically.. if we are not active in taking the right decisions, we are doomed.
  9. APDevFreak

    Flash - YS Viveka Murdered

    Seems like they might corner DGP using this issue....
  10. APDevFreak

    Flash - YS Viveka Murdered

    CBI ki enduku ivvaru? while continuing SIT investigation
  11. APDevFreak

    TDP 126 MLA Candidates Announced List

    I will bet on Nimmala
  12. Gajan kuda top 10 global leader corruption lo..
  13. APDevFreak

    ori nee yeshalooo

  14. APDevFreak


    Hmm interesting...