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  1. What about janasena will contest and lose...can close the party permanently.
  2. When Jagan throws mud at supreme court justice, Advocate general backs off. When a comedian says supreme court is a joke, The Attorney General observed that the tweets of Kunal Kamra @kunalkamra88 are highly objectionable. meeku ardham avuntuda....
  3. Whatever the circumstances may be, Jagan has nothing to loose and will benefit form this episode. If he gets contempt of court, he will throw mud at CBN that he is managing the courts. If he wins, He will be projected as a guy that he fought with courts. There has been lot of interviews by Idream with ex Judge, law profeesor, lawyers projecting that Jagan did nothing wrong. Ironically, TDP is kept in defense mode.
  4. 30k jobs in 6 years and average 8K employees retire every year...48K =====-18K
  5. Jagan has nothing to loose, he knows he will end in prison some day. He is playing all his cards. Seems like chalameshwar and ramana have office/work issues between them. He belongs to Kamma's anti CBN group like Rathaiah, Yarlagadda and co..... Irony is He had a good reputation in Judiciary circles, but complete lost it by supporting Jagan.
  6. Whatever he said , he is just a show off.. But looking at the above link of the French company, if water can be generated it is good. Further if the electricity generated can be used to break the water(H2O), then hydrogen fuel will be generated and oxygen too... Hydrogen fuel has potential...
  7. Jagan ki pottodu character use chesi future lo comedy chestaru ani, YCP SM full mode lo digaru.. This aggressiveness was missing in TDP then they started calling Lokesh as pappu and now it is default.... Anyways TDP can't stoop to their level.
  8. isnt he also the least educated PM of India? or the FAKE degree PM of India? or the PM who has been hiding from the Media for a long time?
  9. TG never had Solar parks on Large scale. they have it in small areas, but distributed ...
  10. https://www.silversea.com/destinations/asia-cruise/chennai-to-yangon-9904.html
  11. How will they send iron through pipe line?
  12. Have been eagerly waiting for this...but disappointed.. These things happen when the officers don't understand the vision. Lokesh should have taken the full control over it.