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  1. ***Monsoon Updates***

    Hope it doesn't hamper polavaram works.
  2. Anantapur lo April mid lo Paddy position

    Sure shot win in 2019 !!!
  3. Early Elections

    jamili lantivi implment avvali antey adi implement start chesey vaadi meeda entho kontha nammakam vundali other parties ki. Right now in the country veedi dramaalu clear cut ga andhariki telusu, not going to happen. Vedhava desha bhakti ani cutting thappa migathaa anthaa same to same congi ye. Valladi oka type of picchi, veedidhi inko rokam. Rest all same !!!
  4. Good, aa post vacchi deposits raakapothey apdu vinataaniki bavuntundi national media lo.
  5. Employees yetu vaipu TDP or YCP?

    Last time they had a big impact to CBN was 2009, which was due to introduction of EVM's and lack of knowledge in people in interacting with electronic devices. CBN's internal survey too confirmed that this had some impact in several booths where tdp lost closely. First they use to cast a vote on the pretext of showing the voter how to use the machine and then when the actual person votes, it wouldn't count. This time around I don't think it would be a big issue. With advent of mobile phones lot of common people are well versed with using them.
  6. polavaram

    20-25k..are you sure ?
  7. Satsanghi Babu Satguru Jaggi

    Me and my friends have started participating in their 'Isha Vidhya' program. Its very transparent in my opinion. I could meetup and talk to the kid I'm sponsoring and get to know their progress on a regular basis. I haven't come across any with half the transparency they have. My 2 cents. I'm in no way affiliated to their organization though, just help what I can through my trusted friend who is quite active in their philanthropic activities.
  8. meeru gamaninchalsindi emantey, nothing has suffered or taken a back seat so far because of the capital. This time around cbn's priorities have been excellent. Also for this sole reason he planned a tie up with singapore consortium to develop the core area. They will bring in companies and it will spur economic activity in the region. Government would only initiate the economic activity by moving complete governance to the area and building trunk infrastructure. Rest others will follow. Take example of hyderabad, just hitech city katti vuntey intha develop ayyedi kadu. Chasing companies like Microsoft after that spurred IT growth there. How much do you think the government spent in Hyderabad in those years when you relate to the 80k crore IT exports it has ? Peanuts. Its not always the money. When somethings are done right money will follow.
  9. bathroom lo koorchuni kooda thinagaligey burada batch adi.
  10. srayi

    Ap ppl ki antha bomma vuntey cbn 10years opposition lo enduku vuntaadu. Senior Fan bro rightly put in many of his posts, the submissive nature of andhra people. We only show it in elections and not otherwise.
  11. srayi

    Pressure pedithey vasthundi aney mabbulu inka poledanukunta meeku Meeku inka artham ayyinattu ledu bjp party lo paristhithi.
  12. srayi

    Sarai got the post? Ika bjp Assam ye ap lo. The best strategy for bjp in Andhra is to stay mum for the moment.
  13. Amaravathi-Anantapur express way

    this is a chicken and egg problem. First 4 lane vesthey, expansion ki market cost inka peruguthundi and paying 5 times that doesn't make financial sense. So logical thing would be to acquire at once but develop partially. Not sure but read somewhere that land acquisition would cost around 3k-3.5k crores. Another issue is with the current state of finances in the state there are projects which will have a bigger impact if 3k is allotted to them. So we are in a state where even though people voluntarily give land, govt not in a position to pay them. Also govt wouldn't want to deal with the issues that arise out of land acquisitions in the last year before elections. So probably they will take it slow for now and it will only pick pace during next term. Also for now at least this road is not a big deal for the state.