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  1. Made in AP ( KIA car )

    In the US its otherwise...kia cars are a lot cheaper compared to Hyundai.
  2. Article lo: India has been achieving stable economic growth, and has grown more appealing to manufacturers, under the administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  3. Hyperloop

    We should least care about it.
  4. Expect cheseydem ledu. Entha damage cheyagaligithey antha cheyyatamey velley mundu.
  5. I agree with most of the points in this thread. Tdp has an opportunity to go in for the kill if the injustice was not rectified. Pulling out right away may only create news bulletins for a week or so. Getting out at the right time can screw Modi badly. Hope CBN makes the right call at the right time. We can probably start attacking wherever we can without acutally walking out. That will damage bjp more.
  6. Sujana Pressmeet

    Worst fellow veedu. veediki media speaking rights theesi dobbali. 4 years nunchi choostunna, epdu cheppinaa sodey chepthaadu.
  7. Assembly seats to increase in AP and Telangana?

    If we are getting this only to accommodate more to bjp than I would say we are screwed. Hope this happens along with others and bjp gets a kick on the bum. No wrong in dreaming right
  8. Godavari- krishna-pennar rivers interlink study

    2) not a big issue, our side projects can empty srisailam much faster if we wanted to at higher capacity levels. Even at lower levels too we have some capability with macchumarri but we can add more pretty quickly given how fast lift irrigation projects can be completed (pattiseema). Also with the whole NS and krishna delta dependency out of Krishna water, TG will fall in line with us. We just need to do that asap. 3) I don't think this will happen anytime soon. Kaleswaram effects choosaka they will reliaze and shut this off hopefully.
  9. Godavari- krishna-pennar rivers interlink study

    Most of the people in rayalaseema region don’t expect water to be available for irrigating lands. As long as the ground water table is stable enough for agriculture, that's all they need. Filling up all the lakes in the districts would be a start in that direction, which is exactly what CBN is doing right now.
  10. hopefully it will be clean sweep in all benefited areas !!! Voters are mysterious people, you never know.
  11. I think it is still with us, whether we want to be part of it or not. They cannot proceed without the state supporting it I believe.
  12. Nagarjuna Sagar

  13. polavaram

  14. Nagarjuna Sagar

    Bro, I know NS right canal ppl are desperate for water. But I don't think there is any politics in it. Tg has control on it. There is nothing AP can do. Oka vela TG tho disco ki vellina, Ap larger interests lo compromise avvali TG tho. Inka water sharing for region antava, aa disco ki velthey evaridi hakku antey adi eppatiki theyladu...2-3 more years and cbn will sure find an alternative to NS right canal problems. There is nothing much that can be done about it other than requesting your mla's to pressurize government. Actually the current situation is a blessing in disguise to Rayalaseema region. Inni water vacchevi kadu ee situation lekapothey. Also mind you, most of the water taken to rayalaseema is used for filling lakes, not for direct irrigation like the case of delta.