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  1. As long as we don't dump godavari water into Krishna flowing path, we don't need to share it with Krishna upstreams. Polavaram water merges into krishna at barrage hence upstream states get 40 tmc allocation as per previous agreemwnts. With aqueduct godavari water crosses Krishna without actually merging into it's path, hence no need to share with upstreams. Basically we don't lose any Krishna allocations due to godavari water.
  2. Building is permanent. Once actual high court is constructed this will be used as City civil court.
  3. bro, you forgot every week/month polavaram visit 😀 Eee db lo konthamandi appatlo chalaa jackey lu petti lepeyvaru ithanni..useless fellow manavaraku atleast, don't know about other states.
  4. curiousgally

    Rayalaseema steel corporation

    I believe it's a political stunt jaggadiki punch ivvadiniki kadapa lo. They will get it done from center post elections if favorable else bring in private investor.
  5. curiousgally


    admin bro gadkari dude already sanctioned 2-3lack crore projects to AP in press meets but none on ground. Don't know about other states, but wrt ap he doesn't actually mean what he talks. I just see his talk as blabbering and ignore them !!!
  6. curiousgally


    Pattiseema ney punch antey eee canal diversion ki mind block ayyidddi free food batch ki.
  7. curiousgally


    Most of the Krishna Delta usage will be offset by diverting to alternative, eluru canal I think. That way it will not reach prakasham barrage and would not count towards Krishna usage. NS diversion will replace current Krishna Delta quota. The diversion is planned and pretty cheap. I will be complete by next season.
  8. curiousgally

    Prakasam Barrage

  9. curiousgally

    Anantapur politics

    The typical ruling party corruption..making/demanding money for works etc. I heard that sunita lost handle of things happening around her. Not sunita directly but mostly to do with the people surrounding her it seems.
  10. curiousgally

    Anantapur politics

    It will be interesting this time. I hear a lot of bad things about paritala family from friends. Hopefully cbn's hard work with irrigation projects negates it.
  11. curiousgally

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Hope it doesn't hamper polavaram works.
  12. curiousgally


    20-25k..are you sure ?
  13. curiousgally


    Mana jaggu babu ee vishayam teleeka, where is diaphram wall..show me i say...this is cbn's lies ani vaagi erri pulka ayyadu. leader appatlo dialogue kottadu..adi choodalantey nuvvu bhoomi loki povaali ani