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  1. curiousgally

    Fiber Optics in my Village - Hatsoff to Visionary

    Admin bro, actually entha daridram antey. Center prosped states to follow andhra model and has some funding but wouldn't do the same with ap which already implemented it. Thu veellla bathukulu...induku kaadu mee modi Saab ni dveshinchedi eee db lo.
  2. I have seen several posts from fellow db members nitpicking CBN with regards to the upcoming elections and wanted to share leaders thought process at the moment shared with his inner circle. He is not too much worried about the upcoming elections. He is of the thought that people will elect if they need him and if not he will take rest (spend time with devansh). He also joked off saying that jagan will not retain power beyond 5 years. Even if by any miracle he wins tdp can come back to power after that. He is not overly worried of losing the elections but thinks a lot of end results can be shown if he is given another term. So if you think he is afraid and weak, no he is not and actually doesn't care.
  3. curiousgally

    KIA beneficiary story

    Was going home from the bangalore airport. Passed through KIA plant along the way. What a progress in an year, I wouldn't be surprised if it starts production ahead of schedule. The driver started telling me that his brother works for this plant. I enquired more and here is his story. The guy's family are a daily agri labourers. His young brother, through somebody heard of opportunities at this plant and travelled quite a few times from the village, did a little enquiry, got hold of somebody and got into an agreement with KIA to ferry their employees from anantapur town to KIA site for an agreement of 50,000 a month. Beauty is, he was given a 3 year signed contract. He didn't even have a car. He bought a new swift dzire and started working for KIA. As per agreement minor issues with care would be taken care of by KIA, anything major he is liable to get it repaired. He still retains ownership of the car through the entire contract. Just shows how not just the company but the eco system surrounding it benefitting a lot of local people. Way to go CBN !!! Of Course the guy did mention that CBN can only make such things possible. Glad to hear that from him. He is from the SC community of my village who usually go with YSRCP otherwise 😁
  4. curiousgally


    as per local info fight with JC brothers...devotees burnt 10 of their vehicles !!! Ee sari anantapur dt assam ayyela vundi..lot of internal fights among leaders..last ki karyakarthaley boku ayyedi.
  5. curiousgally


    Pattiseema ney punch antey eee canal diversion ki mind block ayyidddi free food batch ki.
  6. curiousgally


    Most of the Krishna Delta usage will be offset by diverting to alternative, eluru canal I think. That way it will not reach prakasham barrage and would not count towards Krishna usage. NS diversion will replace current Krishna Delta quota. The diversion is planned and pretty cheap. I will be complete by next season.
  7. early election in AP impossible for now based on leaders indications. He paid a huge price last time, I don't think he will go down that path again. Seriously why will he ? He will only gain by going full term.
  8. curiousgally

    CBN Sweet Warning @ ASSEMBLY

    modi saab is amaayak antaru aithey 🤣
  9. confirm idi..hope these people will realize and work against kcr.
  10. curiousgally

    Purpose of JS ...

    last time around we were in opposition and at the receiving end. This time hopefully we will get benefitted from it!!!
  11. Ee sari aaa revenue department ni lokesh lanti youth ki set chesi, phased manner lo online chesi dobbali. One of the worst departments in the government.
  12. reading several news papers with details that RR alerted PMO office with the details and PMO just sat on it doing nothing... I didn't read the report but if true, entha convenient ga ignore chesaaru report lo aaa details ee thread lo veyyakundaa. 😝
  13. curiousgally

    Lagadapati to join in tdp

    tulasi reddy aaa...this is hard to believe..niranthara edupu sravathi channels lo cbn meeda since 8 years (may be more).
  14. curiousgally


    delay aithey maatram..mukkodu mataash, vaadi bjp/mim sketch cream biscuit avvuddi !!! hope it comes to that.