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  1. curiousgally

    Kutumba Rao

    Todays ragging in ABN discussion too much asala. Bjp spokesperson ni 'PD account definition cheppu, then we will start disco' ani start chesaaadu. As usual they had no clue of what it was. Ilaanti vallu inko 4 ppl vuntey, channels ki kooda raaru bjp spokespersons.
  2. curiousgally


    aa road pedda torture part of town. andulo market main area lo vuntadi...andulo all incoming rtc buses kooda vellali, literally village lo chinna sandu laa vuntadi. Votebank ani cheppi development aapatamey aa road extension apatam antey. JC brothers always pro town development which is not going well in anantapur.
  3. Ee murali Krishna pycoism isumanthaina thaggaledu ga. Ela bartukutharo roju veedi pakkana vundevallu. Intha negativity aaa..vammo.
  4. curiousgally

    Prakasam Barrage

  5. curiousgally

    Anantapur politics

    The typical ruling party corruption..making/demanding money for works etc. I heard that sunita lost handle of things happening around her. Not sunita directly but mostly to do with the people surrounding her it seems.
  6. curiousgally

    Anantapur politics

    It will be interesting this time. I hear a lot of bad things about paritala family from friends. Hopefully cbn's hard work with irrigation projects negates it.
  7. curiousgally

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Hope it doesn't hamper polavaram works.
  8. curiousgally


    20-25k..are you sure ?
  9. curiousgally


    Mana jaggu babu ee vishayam teleeka, where is diaphram wall..show me i say...this is cbn's lies ani vaagi erri pulka ayyadu. leader appatlo dialogue kottadu..adi choodalantey nuvvu bhoomi loki povaali ani
  10. curiousgally


    diaphram wall is under the main dam..i.e 'raayi matti katta'. It cannot be seen coffer wall will be either side of the main dam..that too i believe they just started with jet grouting which is again beneath both the coffer walls and cannot be seen on top. Both of these involve remove gaps within sand below ground to avoid leakage of water and thereby ensures that main dam structures itself is safe.
  11. curiousgally

    Vizag Smart city

    @Annagaru bro, can govt not confiscate those lands showing cases of fraud. Just thinking !!!
  12. curiousgally

    Godavari- krishna-pennar rivers interlink study

    2) not a big issue, our side projects can empty srisailam much faster if we wanted to at higher capacity levels. Even at lower levels too we have some capability with macchumarri but we can add more pretty quickly given how fast lift irrigation projects can be completed (pattiseema). Also with the whole NS and krishna delta dependency out of Krishna water, TG will fall in line with us. We just need to do that asap. 3) I don't think this will happen anytime soon. Kaleswaram effects choosaka they will reliaze and shut this off hopefully.
  13. curiousgally

    Godavari- krishna-pennar rivers interlink study

    Most of the people in rayalaseema region don’t expect water to be available for irrigating lands. As long as the ground water table is stable enough for agriculture, that's all they need. Filling up all the lakes in the districts would be a start in that direction, which is exactly what CBN is doing right now.
  14. curiousgally

    Nagarjuna Sagar