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  1. curiousgally

    Prakasam Barrage

  2. Not all families use it. Use chesukuney vallu mostly they will vote for tdp.
  3. curiousgally


    that will not happen...aa thought vacchinappudu jagan assembly ragging video yesukuni happy feel avvatamey.😀
  4. curiousgally

    Anantapur politics

    The typical ruling party corruption..making/demanding money for works etc. I heard that sunita lost handle of things happening around her. Not sunita directly but mostly to do with the people surrounding her it seems.
  5. curiousgally

    Jai Modi Vs Jai Andhra

    Eee Jaffa ki ikkadey thikaana ledu, akkadikelli em peekudaam ani.
  6. curiousgally

    Anantapur politics

    It will be interesting this time. I hear a lot of bad things about paritala family from friends. Hopefully cbn's hard work with irrigation projects negates it.
  7. curiousgally

    jaffa promises

    manollu motham anni compile chesi, budget cost petti comedy cheyyali. 45 years ki emo pension ani edo cheppadu last month.
  8. curiousgally

    Babu face chudali ani vundi...

    You guys know the first reaction from cbn in the war room after 2009 debacle when it was over, 'Its not end of the world people. We doubled our seats, not bad. Don't worry too much. We will work harder next time and come back stronger' with his smile as usual. Everyone present were silent, shocked for a minute. He is stronger than any of us can even imagine.
  9. curiousgally

    KA leads

  10. curiousgally

    Govt employee about the TDp

  11. curiousgally

    Happy bday tgr bro