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  1. Ramana dhikshithul ki full akshinthalu apdi untai leader chethilo
  2. google lo koditheu jagan pic vacchestatlu cheyyali... they did lot damage to lokesh in name of pappu
  3. kula gaji ledhu antey problem ledhu.... TDP batch ki undhi antaru edhavalu... dhantho ne vacchindhi penta antha... evadu esaado gaani, kula mudhra baaganey vesadu party paina
  4. this is the seriousness of tdp fans and cadre .... thread is for lokesh and the ways he cna improve.,topic got diverted to TG and AP agri.. if he or his trusted followers see this thread.. this doesn't look good...
  5. undhi bhayya,,,,,, ippudu how can i vote from abroad?
  6. Submitted... Status check chesthey.... accepted ani undhi.... now what?
  7. US lo maadhiri oka outlets and indoor malls pettali... Ippudu plan chesthey, next term ki ainaa poorthi avthai...
  8. hyd well develop ainaaak( i say 100s years) ring road concept vacchindhi......