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  1. Apple Iphone X available from today

    em talking andi.. apple wants to make twins happy.. anduke dna testing chesi vellu twins ee ani confirm chesi iddarivi iddariki share chestundi.. it's next gen idea ya
  2. Apple Iphone X available from today

    maa valla kaadu dora aa prices.. and emanna aite aa repair prices ki.. and also aa applecare prices ki dandam dora
  3. Day 11

    enti 2 names? emannadu tarak?
  4. Bharatheeyudu2

    ee anni movies ki work chesina script writer Sujatha Garu ippudu brathiki leru.
  5. Kusa Comic timing and body Lang

    3V use chestad le
  6. Trend cheyyandi loop lo petti

    I was 4 and my elder was 5, don't have sense back then at that age, he used to give his share of snacks to me as well. If god were to have mercy back then, I would have a shoulder to lean now and call him brother. Somehow this song reminded of him.. I guess by that we can say how effective this song came out. thanks dsp
  7. kondaveeti vagu

    mee concerns Loki ki tweet cheyyandi bro, else twitter unna mana DB members.
  8. Mangalagiri International Cricket Stadium

    anthamandhi vasthaaraa ani ??