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Wow just wow anthe super Lokesh

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Correct Kada ….just wow anthe 

evaraina chivariki oppukovalsinde lokesh super ani . 

aasalu tdp untuntda 2024 election varaku anukunaru chala Mandi but ippudu elections lo tdp ki ekkuva seats vastai ane stage ki vachindi ante reason lokesh 

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Budha gadi paid prog anukunta... Organic growth bagunna time Lo Ee daridrapu paid దరువు ఎందుకు.... Leka troll avvalane rk grudge tho ala vesada.. 

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4 hours ago, kalluri@ntr said:

Evadu Enni edchina ivla TDP ki intha vupu vachhindi ante adi only because of lokesh..



If TDP wins this election, then major contribution is from Jagan for his govt failures ( no development, bad law and order, capital issues, on time salaries/benefits to employments, arresting CBN etc) and then Lokesh "yuvagalam" from where dead TDP picked up and gained the momentum..

Lokesh :super: 

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